Keep calm during stressful times


by Mai Nakhala, Photo Editor

We live in a hectic busy society. Every day we juggle work-life balance and lots of responsibilities. It’s hard to stay calm with time moving so fast. Sometimes we don’t even feel it. We just accept the stress as part of our life, feel trapped and no way out.
It’s not possible to get rid of the stress entirely but it’s possible to reduce it.
Slow down, relax, breath!
So how do you reduce the stress? Getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising regularly is good place to start. Try to get organized and plan your day out. Prepare to-do list that will help you to feel that you are in control of your tasks not your tasks controlling you. Also, don’t forget to fit a stress relief technique into your daily schedule.
So, what are some of the stress-relief techniques? Practice meditation regularly. You can find many resources to learn meditation online. Try Insight Timer which is a free meditation app. Spend time with people you love and do things that makes you laugh.

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Exercise on a regular basis. Go for a walk, swim or do some yoga. Find a hobby you enjoy, such as photography, drawing and painting, knitting, reading or writing. Try several hobbies till you find your passion.
I find my relief in pottery. Pottery teaches me to slow down and be patient. It requires many steps to finish a piece, and the result is rewarding. Working with clay makes me feel disconnected from everything around me and I feel like I’m in a different world.
Don’t be afraid to try new things. Find your stress relief and don’t hesitate to share your experience with those around you.