Back From the 90s


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Starcraft Broodwar back to space with more style than before

by Christopher Falkiewicz, Staff Writer


Reviewed on PC
A popular classic from 1998, “Starcraft” has come back as “Starcraft: Remastered” with new modern graphics and maps for multiplayer while keeping the retro style of gameplay and that old sci-fi feel. Blizzard Entertainment nailed the real time strategy with smooth gameplay and strategy over the three playable races with three separate campaigns.
Players will be able to play as the Zerg, a race of animalistic aliens with only one purpose to take over every planet and spread its brood. Players can also play as the Protoss with high psionic prowess that are able to communicate their thoughts as one through the technology in their heads they call the Khala with the purpose of protecting their home world Aiur. The last race, the Terrans are humans with a lot of impact and explosive weaponry such as siege tanks and wraiths and harnessing their weaponry to control a variety of different planets. Each race has a leading role for the player to be called. For the Terrans it is Commander, for the Zerg it is Cerabrit, and the Protoss is Executor. Through the campaign, each race has a different style and different ability. The campaign story is well made as each race’s campaign shows the effects of another race’s story as in after the Terran’s campaign is finished it shows its effects during the Zerg’s story. The story is quite exciting to follow as there are many betrayals and misunderstandings with the characters, and it makes the player feel like they are with them in the game.
The multiplayer is nothing short of the campaign as it is the reason why it became quite a popular esport everywhere. The first one in South Korea, as it puts 2 or more players against each other in a free-for-all or team match with everyone able to choose their desired race. “Starcraft” and its sequel “Starcraft 2” are still widely loved and popular on twitch and is seen as a highly competitive sport without much salt like league of legends. Famous casters like Totalbiscuit casted for the series many times calling out many memorable moments during tournaments. Some of the most famous players known for their skill at the game such as Scarlett, Dark, Neeb and Maru. Not everybody can do what they do as everyone will have their own speed and strategy the fun comes in when players can figure out new tricks to use or get better at resource and time management. With 50 actions per minute (APM) to over 200, it becomes extremely entertaining. Though the skill-gap is high, casuals can still enjoy playing against friends and AI.
The story leaves a mark, and the memorable characters and races are stay with the player. After so many years, even a revisit of the game reminds the player of how special it is. “Starcraft” is easily one of Blizzard’s best games to this day.