The ultimate Black Ops experience


“Call of Duty Black Ops 4” is the best in years

by Christian Hollis, Editor-in-Chief

Treyarch took the risk of dropping into the Battle Royale genre. Treyarch filled the map with pieces of Black Ops history. From Raid from “Black Ops 2” to Nuketown island from “Black Ops”, Blackout is a map that fans already know from the start.
Players drop in with an empty inventory and have to loot through building to find weapons and armor. The beginning of each game is where most of the gunfights happen, but like all Battle Royales, once the player dies they are eliminated indefinitely. Vehicles are scattered throughout the map to rotate during zone closures. There are also zombies scattered around the map, and once defeating zombies, players have the chance to get weapons such as the Ray Gun which helps during the last few moments of the game.
Treyarch did everything right with Blackout, and it is by far the brightest mode in “Call of Duty Black Ops 4.”
Treyarch returns to show dominance in design in Multiplayer. There are ten new maps with 4 remakes from previous Black Ops games. The highly addictive prestige system returns with satisfying unlocks throughout gameplay. The player is constantly unlocking new weapons, camos, equipment and perks to give themselves a better advantage on the battlefield.
Unfortunately, the competitive playlists known as League Play has yet to be released, so competitive players have had to resort to third-party websites for competitive matches. For a game that is supposed to be the most competitive of its series, this seems like a major misstep on Treyarch’s end.
Multiplayer is also damaged by the unbalanced weapon selection. Assault rifles deal a lot of damage both up close and from afar, specifically the ICR. The ICR is so dominant that everyone in the game is using it, which is frustrating. Treyarch has stated they will adjust weapon balance throughout the year, but for the time being, its ICRs all day.
Multiplayer is going to grow throughout 2019, with an announced 12 maps to come in the future with the Black Ops Pass.
Specialist Headquarters
In place of a traditional campaign, Treyarch implemented the Specialist Headquarters to give back story for the Specialists featured in Multiplayer. Each “mission” is introduced with a beautiful cutscene, but is immediately let down once the gameplay comes in. These missions are just tutorials for the specialists. Once completed with the tutorial, the player is dropped into a game against bots on easy mode and can only be played on harder difficulties after finishing it the first time, but since the tutorials are so long, it’s hard to go back.
This is a sad excuse of a replacement of a traditional single player campaign.
“Call of Duty Black Ops 4” launched with three zombies maps and an extra remake of the classic map “Five” for owners of the Black Ops Pass. “Blood of the Dead” is also a remake but adds interesting twists with new mechanics. “IX” -based in a roman arena, and “Voyage of Despair”-based on the crashing Titanic- are the all new maps for Zombies. Both of these maps introduce interesting story-lines and actual jump scares.
Zombies also bring in a leveling system similar to the one seen in Mutliplayer. This leveling system provides extra incentive to continue playing the game mode and new maps distributed throughout the season.
As usual, Zombies best played with friends and are needed when chasing after easter eggs and achievements.