New challenger arrives soon


Photo by Christopher Falkiewicz

Project Playhem participates in tailgate at the University of Michigan for Nintendo’s big exclusive

by Christopher Falkiewicz, Staff Writer

“Super Smash Bros: Ultimate” is a highly anticipated platform fighter published by Nintendo. On Oct. 13, Nintendo gave University of Michigan a sneak peek at the new Smash Bros game in the series that will hit store shelves on Dec. 7 ready to be purchased. During this tailgate, Project Playhem attended the event with 5 members including the President Kyle Smith and Vice President Ashley Ussery.
“The Smash Ultimate tailgate was a very awesome experience as my first tailgate event,” said Kyle Smith, President of Project Playhem. “I would love to do it again.”
Attendees of the tailgate got to play the demo for “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”, which featured a variety of returning characters including Little Mac, Zelda and Mario as well as a new character Ridley. Several characters’ move sets have been updated from previous such as Link, who now has remote detonating bombs taken from “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”
There were a few different tournaments with each tournament having a variety prizes like Wendy’s gift cards for free food and some “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” apparel such as shirts, lanyards and hats.
“I like it and love it and it has been exhilarating,” said Professional “Super Smash Bros.” player Jon “Sol” Lackey.
The last tournament they had made two players compete against each other in a timed match for 3 minutes. To win, players had to have the most KOs of the match and that winner would be challenged by one of the people in the crowd, which kept running for an hour straight. Sol had nine wins in a row, but he lost towards the end.
“Michigan was an absolutely amazing state to come to there was so many smash clubs from so many different areas,” said Hollywood Gene, Announcer for the tournaments. “Michigan State, University of Michigan…Ferris was here…Wisconsin was here. Just so many different schools to represent the community.”
There was a diverse audience, representing many schools. The event was built around The University of Michigan vs Wisconsin Football game, which contributed to the variety of different schools and people in the event.
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