A new era

PlayStation changes position on cross-play


Christian Hollis, Editor-in-Chief

After countless blog posts and #ShameSony tweets, PlayStation has conceded to gamers and implemented cross-play for “Fortnite” and promises more games to be added in near future. We, the consumer, won the fight for cross-play. This historical change in the industry proves the power of the voice of consumer.
In addition to cross-play, Sony has allowed players to install PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 4 games from the PlayStation Now service. This comes as no real surprise considering Microsoft’s recent financial report boasting $10 billion of revenue in gaming, crediting much of it to their new service “Xbox Game Pass.”
Sony also announced they are allowing PlayStation Network users to change their PSN ID. The program is currently in beta and will be allowed to all user in 2019. The idea of changing your in-game name isn’t new to the industry. Microsoft has had this since the early days of Xbox Live, but due to community outcry over the years, especially in recent months, Sony felt obligated to implement the feature.
Is Sony turning around?
It’s true Sony has dominated the industry this generation with their high-quality exclusives, but where they’ve fallen short is in services, but now it seems they’re increasing their value.
Why would they do this towards the end of the PlayStation 4’s life cycle?
They must be gearing up for the next generation, and with the news of cross-play and updates to current services, Sony might be on track for dominance. When Sony announces the PlayStation 5, or whatever their next generation console is called, they will be able to say “We allow streaming and downloadable options for PlayStation Now, we will let you change your name and we will let you play your games with anyone, no matter what system it’s on.” This will make the PlayStation Network and PlayStation 5 the best gaming ecosystem available, and it’s all because of the voice of the consumer.
If there’s anything to learn this console generation, it’s that the consumer’s voice matters. Sony is listening to our voices too. A healthy gaming industry is one backed by a loud voice of the consumer.