Consultant's Corner


Publication Date: 11/12/18

Dear Peer Consultants,
I have a writing assignment due in the upcoming weeks. Its topic can be anything I wish to write and research on, but I have one main problem — writer’s block. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to remedy writer’s block?
Thank You for Your Time,
An Aspiring Student
Dear Aspiring Student,
It is important to keep in mind that writer’s block is common amongst many students. Sometimes, the uncertainty of what to write about can cause frustrating complications within our writing. Writer’s block often poses more of a challenge in situations where we do not feel connected to our writing. Our first suggestion is to pursue a topic that genuinely interests you. This will make the writing process much easier because it will help you stay motivated and engaged with writing your paper, and eager to share your ideas with the audience at hand.
Another strategy to apply is open mindedness in how you are approaching the subject. Try taking time to jot down any potential ideas for your paper. Brainstorming can be one of the most critical steps in the writing process because it helps organize your ideas and actualize the direction for your entire paper. Even a brainstorming session lasting around 10 minutes can make a significant impact on forming and organizing your thoughts.
Taking a break from the writing process can be beneficial as well. We may spend too much time on one aspect of the writing process and end up neglecting other components of our paper. Try clearing your mind by taking a walk. This may help more than you realize, and it is always beneficial to get some exercise. Ensuring that you are adequately rested also helps your mind and body function throughout the day. Meditation strategies such as practicing mindfulness can also help you to think about your thoughts and consider different ideas.
Lastly, we highly suggest seeking further clarification from your professor, a friend, or a peer consultant in the Writing Support Studio. Reaching out to your professor or visiting us for a walk-in writing consultation are great ways to get you back on track! In the Writing Support Studio, we offer further strategies for your growth in the writing process. Should you have any additional questions or concerns about your writing, remember you can always visit us in the Learning Center of Bradner Library as needed. We look forward to continually supporting your writing development.
Best Wishes,
The Writing Support Studio