Campus Crime


Compiled by Matthew Murphy
Staff Writer

Leaving the scene of a property damage accident

On Sept. 4, a student reported her vehicle as being damaged as she waited for another vehicle to exit a parking space. Her car was struck on the right side of the front bumper as the car was backed from the parking space. After the collision the student exited her vehicle to look at the damage. She then went to the driver’s side of the vehicle that struck her car to speak with the other person. However, they refused to acknowledge her and drove away. The suspect vehicle departed the campus via Haggerty Rd. with the only description of the suspect vehicle being that it was silver/blue; the make and model were unknown. No license plate number was recorded.

Tip: Drivers involved in an accident should exchange information and, if necessary, call the police so a report of the accident can be made. The driver of the damaged vehicle in this report tried to do the right thing, but was unsuccessful. It is important to keep the exchange of information civil; you do not want an accident to escalate into something worse.

Disruptive Student

On Sept. 26 Campus Security Police (CSP) were called to a disruptive student situation at the Dean’s Office in the Liberal Arts building. The incident began in a classroom when a student was found to be using his cell phone in violation of the instructor’s policy.  The student then disrupted the class when removed from the classroom. Following the removal, the instructor interrupted their instruction to reiterate his policy about cell phone use during class. It was then that a second student interrupted the instructor to say that he does not pay tuition to listen to an instructor “go on” about cell phone policy. The instructor told the second student that they could discuss the matter with the Dean following class. After class, the instructor and second student walked to the Dean’s Office to allow the student to speak with the Dean. Though the Dean was not available, a representative from the Dean’s Office was present. The student was unwilling to speak with the office representative, but rather spoke with the responding officer. The student was instructed that the office representative has the authority to hear their complaint, and that the instructor has the authority to conduct their classroom as they see fit. The officer told the student that the Maxient reporting tool is available to address their concerns. The student was also told that interrupting a class is never productive.

On Sept. 30, at approximately 6:20 p.m., Campus Security Police (CSP) was contacted by an instructor with a disruptive student report. Two officers were dispatched to the location where they interviewed the instructor and the student. The student alleges he was not given credit for an assignment the student states he had turned in. The instructor alleges the student spoke out of turn and was warned that further disruption would result in a call to CSP. The student denied he was disruptive and said he was just asking a question. Officers gave the student the option of leaving class early to allow the situation to cool. The student chose to exercise that option and left for the day. There had been no previous incidents of this kind between the student and instructor.

Tip: Remember that there are proper channels to resolve differences. Contact Schoolcraft College administrative staff to learn which options are available to you, and use them.

Leaving the scene of a property damage accident

On Sept. 30, a student parked his vehicle in the south parking lot next to the Liberal Arts building. When he returned to his vehicle at approximately 8:50 p.m., he found damage above the right rear wheel well. After arriving at his home, he discovered a note on his vehicle. It read: “I just saw someone hit your car on the right side by your tire. I couldn’t get the license plate. Have the school check the cameras.” The report was filed Oct. 1.

A check of the video recordings for the south lot failed to reveal any information.


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