Feed the need


Chili bowl fundraiser addresses food insecurity

by Josiah Thomas, Campus Life Editor

Food insecurity, defined by the USDA as “a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life” impacts many facets of society, and an estimated 1 in 8 of all Americans face this problem. In 2015, Schoolcraft College’s own Sociology Department gathered some data and found that many students attending Schoolcraft College’s Livonia campus are in fact food insecure. Among the many problems students wanted addressed were worry over having money for food before their next paycheck, members of their household eating less or even going hungry the entire day because there wasn’t enough food in the house. Around the area where the Radcliff Campus resides, the problem is even more notable with over 1,400 lbs. of food going out to students in that area in 2017.
Every fall semester Schoolcraft hosts a chili bowl luncheon where proceeds support the Schoolcraft food pantry. This year the event will take place on Wednesday, November 14 from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Radcliff Center Student Lounge. The Radcliff Center is located at 1751 Radcliff Street in Garden City.
This is the first time the fundraiser will be held at the Radcliff campus. Professor Ditouras wanted to create a similar event to the one that had occurred annually on main campus that could help support the Radcliff pantry as well.
“Food insecurity is a problem that can be tackled, and every bit of support helps,” said Professor Ditouras.
What began as a service project for Professor Helen Ditouras’s English 102 class, in conjunction with other professors on campus, has grown to the point where students who attend either the Radcliff and Livonia campuses now can seek out the food pantries from both campuses.
Support for this event can be by either bringing a non-perishable food donation or donating money, but food donations are preferred. Professors will be cooking the chili, and all the bowls of chili are free of charge. These efforts support the event and spreads awareness to others who may be unaware of the problem, knows someone who is food-insecure or are themselves in need.
Even if donors give a minor contribution, it aids in expanding the existing pantry at the Radcliff Campus.
This event is sponsored by the Liberal Arts and Science and the Radcliff Center. For more information on the Chili Bowl Luncheon call 734-462-7263.