Ocelot Opinions

Ocelot Opinions

What are you hoping to experience here at Schoolcraft?

By De’Ernest Johnson, Staff Writer


Brandan Anderson

Major: Fitness Leader

“I am hoping to experience a great education, future dorms and wider parking lots.”


Nina Riggs

Major: Undecided

“I am hoping to experience great jobs on campus, sign up for as many clubs as possible and be more social.”


Rodwah Houalla

Major: Business Marketing

“I am hoping to experience all the college events here on campus, see all the different clubs here on campus and branch out as much as possible. I just love Scraft”


Reginald Tidwell

Major: Mechanical Engineering

“I am hoping to experience more activities on campus, spending more time with friends and branching out more. I just want to have more fun on campus.”


Mallory Conrad

Major: Nursing

“I am hoping to experience understanding professors and classmates, all the college activities and preparing myself to transfer.”


Kyle Proffitt

Major: Undecided

“I am hoping to experience meeting more friends, making more connections with people and getting a great education.”