Esports coming to Schoolcraft


Project Playhem to create esports community

By Christopher Falkiewicz, Staff Writer

There are a variety of different sports, even some that do not require a large variety of exercise. These are called Esports, a type of sport that has to do with playing video games and attending tournaments for a variety of different prizes including money. Starting this month Project Playhem a club at Schoolcraft has started recruiting for these esports. Dates may vary by each team captain’s preference and will take place in the Lower Waterman Center of the VisTaTech Center. Project Playhem wants to have students have fun with what they love while giving the college recognition in the gaming community.
“We want to show what Schoolcraft students are capable of and even show others that video games can also be a professional sport and may even make Schoolcraft see the good side of having a esports team.” said President of Project Playhem Kyle Smith.
There are a few colleges starting an esports team already such as Ashland University in Ohio and Lambton University in Ontario, where students will compete for prize money to donate to their college and will even keep a set amount of it. A few games featuring esports are “League of Legends”, “Starcraft 2”, “Overwatch” and “Super Smash Bros.”
Project Playhem wants to focus on the new “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” releasing Dec. 7. More teams for different games will be created with suggestions from other students and members of the club. Those willing to join an esports team will have to be a student of Schoolcraft College with a GPA of 2.0 or higher, students will also need a healthy diet when training and some exercise as well to help keep both mind and body healthy.
“Well I think it will be a great idea to do something like this especially if it can give good results to the campus.” said Estrella Oldham, member of Project Playhem.
Students may enjoy having esports as a hobby or even a mellow past time to just relax and practice their favorite games. Not everyone in Project Playhem is on the esports team as a competitive view some members just come to chat relax and play games. As of now esports are not yet a school activity, Project Playhem members are pushing to make it one and are hoping to have a place to practice for these tournaments at the school. Players also have the liberty to play from home during practice sessions and online tournaments.
For more information on Project Playhem, contact the Student Activities Office at 734-462-4422.