Three clicks and you're there

Redesigned website makes it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for
By Jackie Charniga
Editor In Chief
The changing tides of the technological era have been batting against Schoolcraft, and finally the college has succumbed to modernization. The new website was launched July 1st by Frank Ruggirello Jr., the Director of Marketing and Communications to ensure Schoolcraft’s smooth transition into the fresh term.
The website has undergone rather dramatic changes specifically targeted towards Schoolcraft’s desired audience: incoming students. Offering more full-color photographs of the sprawling campus and energetic population, the website’s design entices its users into a more approachable collegiate experience. In addition to its more aesthetic appear, the website has never before been intended to be as efficient.
Website print screen
An appearance was made by Ruggirello at the Fall Welcome Back Breakfast, to explain the enhanced qualities that his website had to offer. He spoke highly of the group working industriously over the summer months, and not only was the project completed on time but impressively two hours ahead of schedule. Ruggirello was modest, citing the extraordinary efforts of his team, and equally as important the research that went into the website prior to its launch. The website is supposed to be a more effective method of recruiting new students, quickly arriving at a destination within three clicks, and forming a more aesthetically pleasing avenue for advertising and navigation.
Ruggirello spoke about how organic the technological age can be, and said the amount of rapid growth should be imposed on the life of a website in order for it to remain current. He stressed that brief videos can demonstrate the campus’ beauty and the eloquence of its staff and students far more effectively than a block of text.
Concluding his presentation, Ruggirello showed a video that was filmed before the opening conference, stressing the fast-paced nature of video editing and the accessibility now available to Schoolcraft. While the site itself may take practice for the user to grow comfortable with the new format, it is indeed efficient and possesses skilled navigation. Go to to experience the site firsthand.