John Mayer: Paradise Valley


New album shows new musical maturity
By Camyle Cryderman
Editorial Intern 
When John Mayer first came on the scene in late 2001, he sang catchy acoustic rock songs that reflected his youthful spirit, attracting a wide audience. A notable piece, “Your Body is a Wonderland” from his album, “Room for Squares,” reflects the standard music from the beginning of his career and is still widely known and appreciated thanks to its cheery beat and message of love. Twelve years have passed since then, and Mayer has had his fair share of failed relationships and bad experiences. So although it may be questionable if Mayer himself has matured, his music definitely has in his newly released album “Paradise Valley.”
The sound of this album is much more casual than his previous, yet the messages behind the songs still prove inspiring and relatable. His track “I Will Be Found (Lost At Sea)” seems to embody the warmth of the entire album, along with the inspirational message of finding who you are regardless of obstacles. In this album, Mayer also utilizes collaboration as he partners with one of his many exes, Katy Perry, to sing their smooth ode “Who You Love.” Along with the opening track of the album “Wildfire,” John Mayerwhich Frank Ocean sings all vocals. This interlude acts as an introduction for the rest of the album. For those in search of the nostalgic, young-Mayer sound, do not be discouraged. Mayer’s hit single on this album under the repeated name, “Wildfire” is an upbeat summer love song reminiscent of his older works. This song gives a hint of excitement to the album.
“Paradise Valley” proves to be an enjoyable mix of relaxing music and relatable messages, and accurately embodies Mayer’s journey from young singer to experienced artist. Although it goes in a different direction stylistically than his earlier releases, the sound of this album is refreshing and a nice step away from the norm. It is sure not to disappoint, whether you are a life-long Mayer fan or someone simply searching for a new sound to hear. The pleasant, uplifting tone given off by this album is definitely one to add to your playlist.
*Featured Image Courtesy of Google Images.