Viva la FIFA 14


Highly touted soccer game franchise continues to impress despite subtle improvements
By Hassan Ahmad
Staff Writer
Arriving at a time when most major video games are released, “Fédération Internationale de Football Association 14,” or the colloquially abbreviated “FIFA,” has come out with little fanfare due to the overshadowing popularity of “Grand Theft Auto V.”  “FIFA 14” was one of the most highly anticipated sports games of the year, and will always have its own dedicated fan base.
In the past, the game’s developer, Electronic Arts has introduced some new features to the “FIFA” series. Game play elements such as first touch and tactical defending have helped this series take a step away from traditional soccer games and into its own direction.
Game play that is a bit more complex, albeit more realistic, has helped FIFA rake in many loyal fans. However, one concern with this entry is the absence of a new marquee feature, which is a new element added to each new game. With “FIFA 14,” Electronic Arts has mostly just solidified the successful changes that recent entries have made.
That is not to say that there are no new features at all. Rather than any huge additions this year, Electronic Arts introduced several subtle tweaks to the overall game play, as well as a reworked home-screen interface. The major difference is an overhaul of the home-screen and menus. These have been made more interactive and easier to navigate, giving it a sleek new design that fans will love.
Fifa FrontcoverSince “FIFA 12,” Electronic Arts has been improving the “player impact engine;” an in-game engine designed to make character movements look as realistic as possible. In  “FIFA 14,” this is redeveloped to incorporate such things as changing direction, building of momentum, and collisions with others players. This is the only noticeable change in the game play with the graphics, controls, and general game mechanics remaining the same.
The new scouting network in career mode allows you to find players from all over the world, each with a detailed analysis and statistics. This new network is a vast upgrade to the one featured in previous versions. More realistic transfer fees, as well as player and agent decisions, allow players to experience how to manage an actual professional club.
Electronic Arts has delivered a great game, even in the absence of innovative additions. The modest subtleties made in “FIFA 14” have made the game more enjoyable and welcoming, giving this series an edge over other soccer games on the market.
With its stimulating game play, unbelievable graphics, and enhanced menu system, Electronic Arts guarantees that “FIFA” is still paramount when it comes to soccer gaming technology.