Hardly the 'weaker' sex

Celebrate female accomplishment in sport
Jackie Charniga
Editor In Cheif
[email protected]
In a side-by-side comparison of the male form against the female in physical performances, the male nearly always wins. Men run faster, jump higher, lift more, and pull harder. Because of these measurable differences, men are under the impression that these advantages make them more capable of sport than women, and more athletically remarkable. Unfortunately, men rely upon their genetic advantage to tilt statistics in their favor. When a woman achieves a similar conclusion in a sporting event, she must have gotten lucky. But pulling up alongside the boys is far more difficult to achieve, and not only that, it’s far more impressive than if the result had been reached by a man.
In the past, women in sports were not even considered, let alone entertained for comparison. It was largely believed that due to the frailty of the female form, women were more predisposed to injury when performing. This unsubstantiated falsehood, as well as societal pressures, kept women from competing. When they did, it was generally in softer pursuits to discourage injury, especially one that would inhibit pregnancy (think riding side-saddle).
Not to mention, of course, how men’s performances have gone down significantly in the last few decades due to more effective anti-doping regulations to control  the use of anabolic steroids, hormones, growth factors, stimulants, and narcotics. As international standards have increased security on limiting certain augmentations, chief among them testosterone, men’s performances in elite sporting events have dropped when enhancing option became less available to them. As women have trained naturally and without the use of added testosterone (which has more noticeably unfavorable consequences on the female form), their performances have remained consistent on an ever-growing incline.
Women lose muscle tone faster. Shown in sports such as weight-lifting, when the necessary definition of arms and legs decrease in prominence over short periods of inactivity, women’s bodies are at a slight disadvantage. Whereas the male form, designed to gain muscle, retains shape for much longer.
Women’s bodies also cool quicker than male’s, and to combat their swiftly decreasing body temperatures, women must constantly stay in motion. Female lifters have relied on blankets to contain body heat and keep the body readied for activity.
Is it not more remarkable for the person with a slow metabolism to lose weight quickly than one whose is fast? Women have similar drives and goals in sport as men, but on certain points are less physically capable of achieving them. This is exactly why when they do, it is a triumph not only of mind over matter, but of determination to persevere despite the odds against them.