Winter 2014 registration begins

By Pete Helms
Campus Life Editor
Registration for the Winter 2014 semester began on Saturday, Oct. 26. In order to register for the right classes, students are encouraged to register as soon as possible; the assigned start time is based on how many credits (SC and transfer) students have earned through Summer 2013. Students should view their transcripts in WebAdvisor to determine how many credits they have earned.
In addition, students who register early will be afforded until Nov. 18 to pay their tuition or secure financial aid; all students registering after Nov. 18 must pay in full at the time of registration. Reminder emails will be sent to unpaid students before Nov. 19.
In order to get the classes you want, it is important to research the classes required for your program and ensure they are offering sections through WebAdvisor. Students who wish to review professor ratings on can be sure to register for a professor that will best suit their learning style. Everyone should also remember to check WebAdvisor to make sure all of your contact information is up to date, as all notifications regarding registration, payment, and waitlists are sent through email.