The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Complied by Julian Maiden
Staff Writer
Students majoring in math and science degrees might question, what career opportunities will be there after I graduate?  Many believe without proper guidance that after they graduate, they are entitled to the happily-ever-after story. By all means, this concept has a tendency to render an untroublesome path to success.
Students need enlightenment and guidance from “real-world” professionals rather than simple success stories generated from rote. According to Professor Schwartz, a Professor at Schoolcraft College, “In our math courses, students sometime wonder, when will I ever use this math in the real world?” Here is your chance to find the importance of math and its relation to the real world.
Schoolcraft College is proud to host the first Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) meeting on Nov 15, 2013. This event is free and open to the public. Students and guests will witness firsthand Ed Maylan, Secretary of the Great Lakes Society, disseminate vital information from CAD (Computer-Aided Design) development to computerized automotive testing and the importance of being technologically-adaptive entering a technology based career. Having a 32-year successful career at Ford Motor Company, he will also show the general public the importance of improving one’s prospect of entering a technological-based career.  Michael Kobylarek, Schoolcraft Math and Physics club President said, “This is a perfect opportunity for any student with an interest in math, science, and engineering to learn about the opportunities that their education will provide.”
This event will provide the perfect foundation for those math and science students looking for a platform to start building from.  It will help provide students with the necessary tools to enter the technological-oriented career path.