Three distinguished schools, one bright future


Schoolcraft to U partnership to offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programs on campus
By Matthew Murphy
Staff Writer

Frank Ruggirello, Director of Marketing and Communications at Schoolcraft College, demonstrates how the new Schoolcraft to U website keeps students up to date as the program, set to start in August 2014, will offer Schoolcraft students. Photo by Lindsey Wells

The Presidents of Schoolcraft College, Wayne State University and the University of Toledo announced on Nov. 7 the creation of “Schoolcraft to U.” Schoolcraft to U is a partnership that, beginning fall 2014, will bring WSU and UT class offerings directly to Schoolcraft students, both online and on-site. Students will have the full resources of all three schools available to them as they work to earn their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. The benefits don’t end there; there is a financial benefit, as well. First, the University of Toledo will waive out-of-state tuition fees for students in the program. That reduction means a difference of more than $8,000 per year for the out-of-state UT student. Second, students can avoid the commute to either Detroit or Toledo. Dr. Lloyd A. Jacobs, President of the University of Toledo spoke of the proximity of the two schools, and also of the desire to blur the line between Michigan and Ohio during his opening remarks. He also spoke of a “congruence of values” and mentioned a “web of relationships” shared by the partners in Schoolcraft to U. Dr. Jacobs said the partnership is about “the possibilities for students’ success, without regard to borders.”
Dr. Margaret Winters, Wayne State University provost, speaking on behalf of Mr. M. Roy Wilson, President of Wayne State University, commented, “There was a need to create more opportunities in engineering, nursing and business.” She also said she believes the program will allow the student a smoother transition from Schoolcraft to WSU or UT.
Provost of Wayne State University, Dr. Margaret Winters speaks on the advantages that the new Schoolcraft to U program has for the community, and future Wayne State students. Photo by Lindsey Wells.

The programs to be offered by Wayne State will include Bachelor’s in Business Administration-Accounting, BBA-Management, Bachelor’s of Science-Computer Science, BS-Electric Transportation Technology, BS-Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology, BS-Electromechanical Engineering Technology, BS-Mechanical Engineering Technology and Master’s in Business Administration. The programs to be offered by the University of Toledo will include Bachelor’s of Professional Studies, BS-Criminal Justice, BS-Health Information Administration and BS-Nursing.
Mrs. Joan Gebhardt, Treasurer of the Schoolcraft College Board of Trustees, spoke of her regrets that the partnership launched -only- recently. She said, “I have a son and a daughter who would have loved to have had an opportunity such as this as they pursued their educations.” Terry Gilligan, who has a son in the Culinary Arts program at Schoolcraft and is also a Trustee of the Schoolcraft College Board of Trustees, described it as “…very exciting times! This is a great opportunity for students in other programs to pursue their Bachelor’s degrees.”
A “boots-on-the-ground” perspective was offered by Mrs. Michelle Randall, CPA and Professor of Accounting at Schoolcraft College. She said, “I’m very excited! This gives students another opportunity to obtain the necessary degrees in accounting and business and continue that success into their careers.”
Schoolcraft to U is a bold leap into the future. As Dr. Jacobs said, “I predict in the next five years, this relationship and those like it will be increasingly strong and increasingly frequent.” A Greek proverb says, “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”
Further information may be found on, the new website established for this program. Information is available about the university partners, available programs and a form that website visitors may use to request further information.