Eat, play, and win


Dave and Busters set to open in Livonia
By Peter Hubbard
News Editor
Eat, play, and win. That is the tempting trio which Dave and Busters, now a magnate in the field of entertainment dining, has offered customers since 1982. Part arcade, part restaurant, part sports bar, and wholly amusing, few can leave the restaurant without smiles of merriment.
ph_DBs06Due to steady sales and satisfied customers, D&B is in the process of expanding its entertainment empire to new venues across the nation. Luckily for the residents of Livonia and nearby communities, their executives have deemed Livonia an ideal location.
“We looked at a couple sites in the greater Detroit area and our support team in Houston Texas decided that there was a great market in Livonia due to little competition, high traffic, and easy access,” David Rogan, D&B General Manager of the new Livonia location, said on behalf of the corporation.
Literally around the corner of 7-Mile and Haggerty, just over I-275, the new restaurant located at 19375 Victor Parkway will be a brief commute from Schoolcraft’s main campus.
Not only is the new site close to the college, but it is also close to its opening day.  “December 16th is the opening date for this location, on a Monday,” Rogan said. With only one week until the grand opening, the site is actively building and training its staff to be an elite crew capable of representing the Dave and Buster’s name.
ph_DBs08“We hire laundry staff, cooks, maintenance technicians, bartenders, front desk expertise, but mainly we hire for customer service, those that will go above and beyond to make a one-of-a-kind experience,” Rogan said, addressing who D&B seeks to employ. When asked how community college applicants would be received, Rogan replied, “We are absolutely excited to have Schoolcraft students and other college students work at Dave and Busters. They will be more passionate about the technical side of the kitchen, and our people are our greatest strength by far.”
In order to save everybody time, and to effectively sift through 2600 applicants and counting, D&B is utilizing a novel approach to the interview process. “We’ve rented a room essentially, and our interview process is like speed dating, where we have three seven-minute interviews for a total of twenty-one-minute interviews with three different managers.”
ph_DBs03Regardless of the restaurant luring one for employment or entertainment, D&B will only serve as an asset to the city of Livonia. There are a lot of imitators, but none quite like Dave and Busters. “We outperformed the competitive industry benchmark for comparable store sales, and in doing so, demonstrated the attractiveness of our venues…” Steve King, Chief Executive Officer of Dave & Buster’s, Inc., said in regards to the company’s success in recent years.
Whether D&B hosts family fun night or entices young adults to compete and enjoy refreshments, all who enter should relish their time inside. “It is simply fantastic that they are opening up a new Dave and Buster’s so close to Schoolcraft. I look forward to playing some clutch games and winning neat prizes,” said current Schoolcraft student John Welch, anticipating a visit in the near future.