Main Street makeover


Campus café expands gourmet product line offerings
By Camyle Cryderman
Editorial Intern
With the hectic schedule of a busy school day, and the pocket money of a working college student, it often proves difficult for students to relax and enjoy gourmet food. But thanks to Schoolcraft’s new and improved Main Street Café, students have easy access to such luxuries. Located near the north entrance of Schoolcraft’s VisTaTech Center, the Main Street Café has been completely made over this year. “We’re trying to take on more of a traditional café feel,” stated Main Street chef Heather Moore. “Like a Panera with carry out.”
ph_CL_MainStreet4There is one large difference between the Main Street Café and Panera though: the prices. Main Street offers extremely low, college-student friendly costs with each gourmet menu item typically priced at $8 or lower.
“I always figured I couldn’t afford to eat at Main Street,” stated Schoolcraft student Jake Mulka, “But now I would definitely like to check it out.” Also featuring a different deal of the day throughout the week as well, food from the café is within reach for all students.
The pricing is not the only aspect that sets the café apart; the café’s delicious homemade food deserves recognition on its own. The café often offers soups and entrees from the American Harvest Restaurant which is located next to the café. With four new sandwiches, three new salads, and new coffees and lattés added to the everyday menu, the chefs are trying to “give it more of a signature Schoolcraft finesse,” stated Moore. The chefs who cook for the Main Street Café add to the authentic homey feel as well. The entirety of the café’s food is made by students from the restaurant and the food tech class, with the exception of a few café supported retail items. “The café is run by students, which is really cool,” stated Main Street consumer Ashley Smith, ph_CL_MainStreet2“And the pastries are delicious too!”
No longer prepackaged, customers of the Main Street Café have the opportunity to choose the specific type and amount of pastries they wish to purchase.
“The students love it!” Moore said of the response from the new updates. “Well, the students that know about it, that’s the problem, since we’re tucked away, a lot of the students don’t even know we exist.”
Any student who does not utilize their access to the Main Street Café is missing out on delicious, affordable food. Not only do customers benefit themselves at the café by saving money, but they also benefit the school. All funds made by Main Street go back into the Schoolcraft Culinary Arts program, thus constantly improving the café’s content.
With bright plans for the future, and dedicated workers, the Main Street Café is at its best yet. “Students don’t know that they have this little hidden gem right in their school,” Moore said of the café.
ph_CL_MainStreet3Break out box
Main Street Café
Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Located inside the VisTaTech Center next to the American Harvest Restaurant