Leading the way


Student Ambassador Program provides launching pad for student success
By Erin McKay
Staff Writer  
They can be seen wearing indicative gold shirts and navy jackets around campus, possessing an ample amount of positive energy, and they are in the know with what’s available on campus. Who are they? They are the Student Ambassadors of Schoolcraft College.
The Student Ambassador program was established in 2003, and has been an incredible opportunity for students to develop leadership skills, build their resumes and get involved on campus on a more in-depth level. The program represents the college in a variety of levels, from providing walking tours of campus to future students to assisting with college events and activities such as the Culinary Extravaganza and the Michigan Jazz Festival. In return for their time and efforts, Ambassadors are awarded a $1,000 scholarship for the fall and winter semesters.
Student Ambassadors are recognized as possessing great leadership abilities, talents in critical thinking and excellent communication skills.
It takes a great deal of commitment to be a Student Ambassador with balancing class work and everyday life activities.
“The best part about being a Student Ambassador is knowing what’s going on around campus and being able to tell people about it, and having a great group of people to fall back on,” said first year Student Ambassador Kelly McKay.
Student Ambassadors are focused and academically driven, assets for success utilized in and outside the classroom. The requirements to become a Student Ambassador include maintaining a 3.0 grade point average, registration for at least six credit hours, and commitment to 106 hours of service in a school year. Monthly trainings sessions are held to keep Ambassadors at the highest level of excellence to represent Schoolcraft College.
When asked about how being involved as a Student Ambassador has benefited her, Hunter Jurecki said, “I feel like being a Student Ambassador has made me a better student in many ways. It’s provided mentors, made me familiar with campus, and taught me to manage my time.”
Stacy Stover, the Associate Dean and Director of Admissions and Student Engagement, spoke of the great aspects that come with being a Student Ambassador and how the program can provide important life skills such as leadership, teamwork, public speaking, and customer service. These qualities can benefit students now and later on in their careers.
After completing their education at Schoolcraft, many Ambassadors go on to four year-institutions and are able to obtain leadership positions around campus from their previous training and experience. The program continues to be a launching pad for students’ success, well beyond the walls of Schoolcraft, and is known for leaving a lasting impression of why Schoolcraft College provides an education that works.
How to apply
The Student Ambassador Program requires trailblazing well-spoken individuals looking to represent Schoolcraft College in a positive way. The deadline to apply for the 2014-2015 year is May 30, 2014.  Application forms for the Student Ambassador program can be found on the Schoolcraft College website, and in the Admissions and Welcome Center in the McDowell Building.