Educational opportunities arise


Schoolcraft to University of Toledo Open House welcomes potential students

By Elaine Gerou
Managing Editor

University of Toledo and financial aid representatives attended the Schoolcraft to University of Toledo Open House on July 29 in the Jeffress Center to answer questions about the Schoolcraft to U agreement and help students apply.

Interested students received invites to the Open House via email, phone calls and postcards.

“For an Open House for a new initiative, I think the trend is strong because every student you talk to will have friends that they’ll talk to and eventually word of mouth and other marketing initiatives, like the excellent signage throughout the Schoolcraft campus…I have high hopes,” said University of Toledo Vice Provost of Faculty Relations and Academic Profiles Kelly Moore.

The programs the University of Toledo (UT) are bringing to Schoolcraft this fall include: Criminal Justice, Professional Studies, Health Information and Administration and Nursing. Toledo’s Vice President of Enrollment Management and Online Education Cam Cruickshank said these are four of the 12 academic schools at UT, and more programs may join the agreement in the future. The programs included in the partnership are preferred programs of Schoolcraft students, meaning that numerous students at Schoolcraft were enrolled in pre-requisites to apply to those particular degrees. A master’s in law is also offered.

“We are interested in bringing other programs,” said Cruickshank.

“It’s a really great opportunity because it’s local and they offer B.S.N. [Bachelor of Science in Nursing] now,” said Chelsie Hall, a student from Central Michigan University, showing that SC to U is attracting students from different universities and colleges as well.

“Distance learning” courses will be offered online or at Schoolcraft’s campus this fall. Through video conferencing, students will be able to actively interact with class sessions in Toledo by listening and asking questions. Video conferencing will also be used to help students communicate with academic advisors and counselors at UT.

“This is a tremendously valuable initiative that will allow Schoolcraft students to transition to UT degrees…For that to work, people at both institutions need to be fully engaged and they are,” said Moore.

The partnership has submitted an application to the Higher Learning Commission in hopes of bringing Toledo professors to Schoolcraft’s campus by January 2015.

In the meantime, there will be two full-time UT representatives on campus Monday through Friday. Cruickshank said it should be easy to have more Toledo employees on campus in the future because dozens already live in Michigan.

UT will host at least one event on Schoolcraft’s campus every week during the fall semester with guest speakers and representatives to answer questions and help students enroll in the new programs.

The fall 2014 semester marks the beginning of the SC to UT’s partnership development. Classes start, events will be held weekly and students will start earning UT degrees from Schoolcraft’s campus. For more information and program requirements, visit Schoolcraft’s website at