“Rude” awakening

Reggae-infused band MAGIC! climbs the Billboard charts
By Elizabeth Chapa
A&E Editor
The song that has people humming its catchy melody throughout the day is to be blamed on the newest group in the music scene, MAGIC! for their song “Rude.” The Canadian reggae pop band whose members consist of singer Nasri Atweh, drummer Alex Tanas and guitarists Mark Pellizzer and Ben Spivak has caught the attention of fans around the world.
BandMagicSinger Atweh is switching sides from behind the music to being the face of music. He has been a part of a producing duo called The Messengers with partner Adam Messinger. The Messengers have led multiple artist to winning Grammy Awards along with a CMT Music Award due to their effort. Atweh has written for over a dozen of major label artists in the pop genre including Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Shakira, Cody Simpson and many more. Turning the tables and creating a band of his own may have been the best decision he has made yet.
After getting together in 2012, the band has delivered a unique style of reggae pop, adding a refreshing innovative sound to mainstream music, uncommon to what listeners currently hear on the radio. The reggae pop of MAGIC! is something listener’s would hear on the coast of a beach in the Caribbean.
Not only are music lovers catching on to the bands appeal, but fellow musicians as well. The band shared a screenshot on their Instagram of a tweet by John Mayer that said, “Let’s talk about rude by MAGIC! for a sec. Love the tape hiss. Love the guitar arrangements. LOVE the perspective of the lyric. Yes yes.”
MAGIC! brings a refreshing sound to the mainstream radio, standing out because of their distinctive and energetic front. The lyrics of their songs paint vivid images for listeners and harmonize precisely with the beat.
Mostly known for their 2013 hit single “Rude” a solid representation of what the band sounds like and the reason for their stardom. The official music video for “Rude” was released on VEVO Dec. 5 and has captured an immense amount of views, reaching approximately 74 million.
MAGIC! has since released their debut studio album ”Don’t Kill the Magic” on Jun. 3, and later released the single “Rude (Acoustic)” on July 14.
The album itself has received favorable reviews, however the only other song besides “Rude” that has received attention is “Let Your Hair Down,” which features a relaxing, reggae beat. The song is a collaboration of peaceful and joyous harmonies and melodies that set the ambiance for a romantic summer night.
Additional songs “Stupid Me” and “Paradise” are upbeat, while “Don’t Kill the Magic” is more of a melodic reggae. The album contains a balance of energetic and relaxed tunes. The combination of the vocals and instrumentals flow together well, creating a moving sound. They provoke a classic pop infused with reggae, giving them a more mainstream sound possibly rekindling reggae music.
Although it was not until this summer, “Rude” has made waves across local radio stations. The hit song has been on the charts for 16 weeks, earning the band a spot at No.1 on America’s Billboard Hot 100, along with No. 1 and No. 2 spots in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and is not showing any signs of slowing down.
On Aug. 10, MAGIC! performed live at the Teen Choice Awards where they were nominated for multiple awards including Choice Single Group, Choice Summer Song and Choice Summer Music Star. Unfortunately, the group went home empty handed.
Despite this setback, this is only the beginning for MAGIC!. Fans should expect more from the band in the near future.
For more information on MAGIC!, check out their website at www.ournameismagic.com.