Words to live by

Wisdom of preschool rules

By Casey Samyn Campus Life Editor

At one point in everyone’s life, they sat in the same place: the floor—probably on a colorful rug, but nonetheless, on the floor.
Everyone sat and listened intently to the teacher and waited patiently for snack and play time.
It was a simpler time.
The Golden Rule that everyone is supposed to remember was “to treat others the way you want to be treated.” Making messes was a daily routine and crying was okay. If those rules were followed through to adulthood, the world would still be a much simpler place.
Most typical adults wish that they could be little again—in the working world, there are several people who are rude and manipulative who make others wish they could age backwards. Even people who are supposed to be friends cannot always be trusted.
Everyone is overtly judgmental, whether they admit it or not. One friend might laugh at someone for not knowing the meaning of a certain word and that hurts one’s feelings. But then they turn around and do the same thing to someone else and are still sad and at a loss when it happens to them again.
If everyone treated others the way they wanted to be treated, people would understand each other much better, life would be slower-paced and people would be able take time out of the day to sit down and explain everything to each other.
Remember for kids, the best part of making something was the mess they made doing so. It was not finishing the project that was the prize, but the sideways, inside-out, right-side-up plan of how to finish it. Think of that when going through each day. Getting dressed in the morning would be a lot more fun if pants got danced into. Or, for example, those long car rides home during rush hour could be helped along with the license plate game 18 Cuckoo Monkeys Eat Boogers (18C MEB).
Also recall: crying is okay. Someone is always there for little kids, and even when one thinks no one is, someone will always be there to listen and help cope.
No matter what, the schoolyard bully always seems to turn into the condescending boss and the toys that other kids have turn into money and status.
Wake up every day and remember some of the rules that were analyzed and engraved into our young brains to benefit life. Nice people stand out in the lives of others.