Finales bring mixed emotions

As summer comes to a winding end, so do beloved TV shows
By Elizabeth Chapa
Arts & Entertainment Editor
1. Wilfred
Series finale on Wednesday, Aug. 13
After four seasons and a two-part series finale, the comedy “Wilfred” came to an end, starring Elijah Wood as Ryan Newman and Jason Gann as Wilfred.
Newman portrays a depressed man who unexplainably can see his neighbor’s dog as a full-grown man in a dog suit. The show illustrated the way a dog would think in a humorous way. Looking back through the seasons, the show really evolved story-wise. The series finale left viewers with all of the answers to the rapidly developed plot.
2. Rookie Blue
Season finale on Thursday, Aug. 21
The newest cops to the scene are five rookies, and “Rookie Blue” shows their lives as they learn the ropes at their new job right out of police academy.
This is not the typical cop show; it really puts thought into the lives of the main characters and is based around them, showing their struggles and love life. Huffpost TV Annette Bourdeau said in an article on Aug. 24, “You may want to consider ‘Rookie Blue’, a new cop show being billed as the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for the 5-0.”
The police drama series season 5 came to a close and left viewers anticipating season 6.
3. True Blood
Series finale on Sunday, Aug. 24
The supernatural drama “True Blood,” based off of the book series “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” by Charlaine Harris, left its’ final words.
“True Blood” took place in a fictional world where vampires existed. Through the seasons, more and more supernatural creatures were exposed. Main character Sookie Stackhouse was played by academy award winning Anna Paquin, Stackhouse was a halfling, which is a human/faerie hybrid, making her a supernatural creature. She was introduced to the strange, new supernatural world when she met the mysterious Bill, a southern Louisiana gentleman and vampire.
The anticipation for the final show was high as there were so many questions that needed to be answered. The series finale left viewers with mixed emotions, some feeling unsatisfied while others were just sad that their beloved show is over.
4. Pretty Little Liars
Mid-Season finale on Tuesday, Aug. 26
ABC Family
Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.50.09 AMThe most talked about mystery-thriller show has had viewers hooked every Tuesday night.
The four best friends, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer, attempted to resolve the mystery of how and why their clique leader, Allison, disappeared. They started to receive messages from an anonymous source “A” who threatened the girls to expose their darkest secrets. Along the way, the girls face problems with their love life and even experience life threatening obstacles.
The show reached a milestone with airing their 100th episode mid-way through the fifth aired season and the mid-season finale left viewers shocked as a major death was revealed in the show; one of the biggest events to happen throughout all of the seasons. Now viewers are left anticipating the second half of season 5, expected to premiere sometime in December, to find out who the killer is.