Little sister wisdom

Little sister wisdom

Why big sisters need little sisters

By Casey Samyn, Campus Life Editor
By Casey Samyn, Campus Life Editor

Anyone out there that holds the title of big sister knows that there is an astonishing creation in this world called the little sister. The dictionary definition of astonishing says, “To fill with sudden and overpowering surprise or wonder; amaze.”

There is a popular belief that big sisters are supposed to guide their little sisters down the right path by teaching them from their own mistakes and helping keep their little sisters from making the same mistakes.

However, there are those rare instances when sisters grow up that seem to become more and more prevalent as they grow older. These instances are when the little sisters give wisdom that make the big sisters reel and swallow their words—when the little sisters are the ones that show the big sisters the way.

During the years that sisters grow up together, there are different stages of their relationship.

There is the manipulative stage where the big sisters push the little sisters limits to see how much she can get the little sisters to do or believe. Most big sisters realize their little sisters are extremely naïve and use it to their advantage. All kinds of lies come out of the big sisters’ mouths during this stage.

One day the little sisters figure out that the big sisters are manipulating them, and the relationship transforms into the hate stage, where there would be nothing more rewarding for both sisters than to push each other off a bridge.

However, life goes on, and instead of bad-mouthing each other to friends, they eventually start defending each other, which leads to the tolerance stage. This is when each sister starts to share secrets about themselves—the good, the bad and the ugly.

Lastly, the best friend stage is when there are no secrets. This is when sisters realize they’ve been through a lot together. The sisters become determined to map out the rest of their lives with each other. Now, it is not always the big sisters being the leader. The sisters are equals. In fact, the older sisters can often take an important lesson from the little sisters without either of them knowing it. When the little sisters talk to the big sisters about issues, they take in all of the big sisters’ words and remembers them exactly.

While little sisters cannot help big sisters with first dates, the little sisters can blow big sisters’ mind, telling them to stop complaining about something. For example, little sisters will get mad about something their big sisters did, but the big sisters may shove it off. Later, a friend of the big sisters might do the same thing, and while the big sister is complaining to the little sister, the little sister will point out the similarities. They can give the big sisters a new perspective. This leads to the big sisters actively seeking out advice from the little sisters, while still guiding the little sisters, who continue looking up to the big sisters.

A big sister/little sister relationship is the most versatile of all relationships because they can be friends, enemies, counselors and bosses of each other. “Sisters share a special friendship that lasts a lifetime,” is a well-known, anonymous quote that could not be truer.