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Maroon 5’s Latest Album ‘ V ’ Top s Bi l lboard’s 100

By Kayla Wright
Staff Writer

The California pop-rock band is at it again, but this time with a new style. Maroon 5 consists of band members: Adam Levine, lead vocals, Jesse Carmichael and P.J. Morton, backing vocals and keyboard, Mickey Madden and James Valentine, guitarists and Matt Flynn, drummer. The band released their latest album “V” (pronounced five), which was released Sept. 2, reaching No.1 on the Billboard 200, Sept. 20.

Maroon-5-–-V-Album-DownloadCompletely straying away from their original soul soothing sound, the band shifted over to a more mainstream pop genre, nearly abandoning their original “She Will Be Loved” sentimental style. The album contains infectious whistles and a new array of co-produced beats. “V” marks the band’s fifth album release, and a world tour will kick-off in February 2015.

In a recent interview, band member Madden said on Mashable.com, “Our presence for this long is remarkable; I’m blown away by it.”

The band reminisced on high school days when they were once known as “Kara’s Flowers.” “Lyrics have been a big part of why people have stuck around, but it’s also that Adam is super cute,” said Carmichael.

The opening song and newly released single “Maps” has the same catchy beat as in the infamous “Payphone” and “Moves like Jagger.” “Maps” is about lost love and determination to find it, with lyrics like, “I miss the taste of the sweeter life, I miss the conversation.”

The single was performed at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in August, prior to the album release.

Listeners feel the energy as Levine belts sappy love songs accompanied by an electronic beat in the album. Songs such as “Sugar” and “Coming Back For You” give a sense that Levine is in need of a distant lover. “Unkiss Me” is soulful and honest with a more R&B style that brings fans back to Maroon 5’s original sound.

The album wraps up with a piano instrumental duet titled “My Heart Is Open” featuring Gwen Stefani, Levine’s co-star on “The Voice.” The collaboration of Stefani and Levine’s voices for this somber track is a brilliant edition to the album.

Maroon 5 is scheduled to perform at the Palace of Auburn Hills on March 18 at 7:30 p.m. Visit www. Maroon5.com for more information on tour dates, tickets, fan apparel and purchasing