Stranger danger

You never know who is behind your front door
By Kelly Respondek
Staff Writer
Duration: 84 Minutes
Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson star in the thriller “No Good Deed” released on Sept. 12, where a mother is forced to protect herself and her children from a stranger after she is deceived by his charming manner and invites him into their home.
With real-life scenarios, the film grabs viewers’ attention and makes one sympathize about what happens to the characters. The suspenseful storyline and intriguing characters of “No Good Deed” is captivating and keeps viewers blood pumping throughout the film.
NoGoodDeedThe movie begins with Colin Evans, played by Elba, escaping from prison while being transported in a van to return him to his cell after being denied parole. Once free, Evans steals a vehicle, but soon hydroplanes losing control of the car due to the terrible storm.
Terri Granger, played by Henson, is the wife and stay at home mother of two children.
When Granger is left alone with her kids after her husband leaves for a trip, she encounters someone at the door, revealing a drenched man named Colin (Idris Elba) who says he needs to use a phone to call a tow truck because he hit a tree while driving through the rain. Colin is friendly and seems like a nice, normal guy, and eventually is invited to wait for the tow truck in Terri’s home.
It is pretty obvious that Granger has made the crucial mistake of over-trusting a complete stranger. While Colin entering the house is an essential moment to the film’s plot, the scene could have been more realistic and a little less cliché. Granger’s character did not even look out the peephole to see who was at her door before swinging it open.
Upon entering, Colin acts as a perfect guest, and the two enjoy each other’s company while relaxing and drinking wine. Everything is great, until Granger begins to wonder why the tow company is taking so long. She finds the phone only to discover that the lines have been cut and all the knives in the kitchen have been hidden. This is where the film’s plots starts to thicken as she realizes Colin is dangerous, and she must fight for her and her children’s lives.
Elba plays his role of a charming stranger wonderfully, giving you hints at the imbalance hidden just under the surface of the man waiting to explode when given the opportunity. His character is a delicate sort bordering on manipulative genius and crazed psychopath. Henson also serves her character well. Her portrayal of the strong heroine whose only hope of survival for her and her children is herself shows tenacity and determination throughout the film.
While the plot is pretty straight forward, there are twists and surprises that keep viewers hooked throughout the whole movie. The characters are well-developed and have the viewer invested in them by the end, but common sense in thrown out the window in several scenes. All in all, “No Good Deed” is captivating, original and eerily plausible.