The Big Revival

Chesney’s new album similar to old sounds
By Amanda Kochanowski
Staff Writer
Kenny Chesney3.5 out of 5 Stars
After two decades of singing and making music, Nashville native Kenny Chesney, 46, released his 18th album “The Big Revival” under Blue Chair Records, which hit No.1 on iTunes on Sept. 22, the day of its release. Chesney’s expansive repertoire includes a Christmas album, two greatest hits CDs and a live compilation of numerous songs.
Similar sounds from his previous music are heard throughout the album, however the lead single “American Kids” released in June gave some fans high expectations for a different style on the album.
“American Kids” struck a chord with fans on local country radio stations all summer long and continues to be listeners favorite. The song is about Chesney’s past, growing up in the south. The lyrics are catchy and tell a great country story of typical teenage stories that happen growing up such as, “Baptist church parkin’ lot, tryin’ not to get caught. Take her home and give her your jacket… Monday afternoon at practice. Sister’s got a boyfriend daddy doesn’t like, now he’s sittin’ out back, 3030 in his lap.” “American Kids” is Chesney’s 25th single to hit No. 1 on the iTunes charts.
The song opens with a striking beat, with instrumentals that include the banjo and tambourine, making for a unique blend of sound, as many modern country artists are forgetting about these classic instruments and are going for more of a rock n’ roll sound.
Besides the hit single of the summer, Chesney’s new record includes 10 additional songs, one being the title track “The Big Revival.” The song is fast-paced and features an electric guitar solo. With the song centered on religion, it has a heavy message, but remains lively and energetic. The song is vastly different from “American Kids,” making it a great addition to the album. Chesney’s friend, Grace Potter, made an appearance on the album, collaborating on “Wild Child.” After the huge success of “You and Tequila” that the duo sang for Chesney’s 2010 album “Hemingway’s Whiskey,” the return of Potter for another duet was a great marketing strategy. The songs are extremely similar, both with a slow, smooth sound. “Wild Child” is sure to be a hit among country fans with its charming and loving message.
Bottomline, Chesney has delivered another hit with “The Big Revival” having sensational sounds and lyrics. The only setback for Chesney might be that, after 20 years, songs are starting to sound the same and are becoming forgettable. However, “American Kids” is the exception to this, making Chesney still one of the top country stars.
Fans of Chesney are sure to be happy with the new album, and new fans could be recruited as well, especially considering the bright and fun cover art. “The Big Revival” is available for purchase in stores and on iTunes.