Where did she go?


The haunting mystery of a man and his missing wife
By Kelly Respondek
Staff Writer
dT8Kek6TeRating: 7 out of 10
Duration: 145 minutes
Rated: R
“Gone Girl,” a chilling suspense movie based off the novel by Gillian Flynn, held high expectations for moviegoers and readers. The movie, which premiered on Oct. 3 starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, carries a story-line about a man whose wife disappears under strange circumstances, leaving him to become the prime suspect in her abduction.

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The movie was directed by David Fincher, known for his other films such as “Fight Club,” “The Social Network” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”
Beginning with Nick Dunne, played by Affleck, waking up on the morning of his fifth wedding anniversary, Dunne finds that his wife is missing. He then quickly calls the police who determine the evidence is consistent with abduction. Nick is perplexed and agrees to do all he can to help find his wife, Amy, who is played by Pike.
Amy’s disappearance is soon national news, and people all over are taking action and aiding in the search for her. Suspicion turns to Nick after he appears apathetic in the news coverage and inconsistencies in his story are found. People nationwide begin accusing him of being responsible for her disappearance.
Holding fast to his claim of innocence, Nick hires a high-powered lawyer who is known in the media as the saint of wife killers. Together, with his lawyer and his sister, the three set out to prove his so-called innocence.
The first half of the film is divided into scenes alternating from Amy’s point of view in the past by way of journal entries to Nick’s perspective in the present. Amy’s story helps build the foundation of the characters while showing who they were and whom they have become leading up to the disappearance. Nick’s view, on the other hand, shows what is currently happening and gives a contrasting angle to the past and people written about in Amy’s journal.
The casting of “Gone Girl” was better than anticipated. The duo of Affleck and Pike’s characters was very complex, and the actors played their roles beautifully, though the characters themselves were not abundantly in depth or relatable due to the writing. Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris were also among the cast, both top notch playing Nick’s lawyer and a recurring acquaintance from Amy’s past respectively. The rest of the supporting cast did their job by helping to set the right ominous mood for the movie.
“Gone Girl” was entertaining, even with the film’s somewhat unlikable main characters and its tendency to leave issues unresolved. While its premise with promises of mystery, deception and murder is guaranteed to get people into the theater, the question of how the movie will end will hold them in their seats until the credits roll. “Gone Girl” will definitely be a movie that is impossible to forget.