DIY: Halloween costumes

Get inspired for the wicked night without breaking the bank
By Elizabeth Chapa
Arts And Entertainment Editor

An example of the Bonnie and Clyde costume by Ryan Seacrest and Julianna Hough. From google images.
An example of the Bonnie and Clyde costume by Ryan Seacrest and Julianna Hough. From google images.

Sometimes buying a costume from the party store can be over rated, whether it is because of the options given or simply because one is on a budget. If the night of Halloween will consist of going to an event that requires one to wear a costume, there are some simple and fast costumes that can be made, either if attending solo or with a date.


Pikachu & Ash

Ladies – Pikachu: All that is needed is a yellow dress or a yellow shirt with black shorts. To stylize the look, a tail and some ears will be needed. The ears can be cut outs and added to a headband. Finish off the costume with face make-up of a little black nose and some circular red cheeks.

Guys – Ash: Wear a blue zip-up vest with a white t-shirt underneath it. Finish off the look with a white and red hat with an “L” on it, along with a Poké Ball.

Bonnie & Clyde

Ladies – Bonnie: Think vintage. Wear a straight skirt, with a nice sweater shirt tucked in. Add an old fashioned scarf to tie around the neck and finish off the look with a French-style beret and a fake gun to play the part.

Guys – Clyde: A trip to the thrift store might be what is needed. Wear a suit or a vest with a long sleeve button up. Finish the costume with a felt fedora and maybe even a fake gun.

Catwoman & Batman

Ladies – Catwoman: Going with the dramatic, this Halloween look can be done with a eye mask, cat ears, fake eyelashes and some red lipstick. Wear either black leather pants or black leggings with a black shirt. Finish off the costume with a pair of black stilettos.

Guys – Batman: A classic of the superheroes and a very simple costume to put together. It would be ideal to find a black shirt with the batman logo, but if not one could be made with a black shirt and yellow fabric to cut out the logo. The most import element of the super hero look, the cape, use some black fabric to attach to the shirt or tie around the neck. Wear black pants with a yellow belt, and finish off the costume with a traditional batman eye mask.


Circus Leader: A top hat is a must for this costume. Wear a blazer over a white crop top paired up with black shorts and fishnet tights. To add more character to the costume, wear red lipstick and possibly carry a whip or dance cane.

Rosie the Riveter: All that is needed for this costume is a red bandana, a denim shirt with the sleeves rolled and some red lipstick. A fierce attitude is needed to portray this costume as well.

GUYS: Superman: A button up shirt with a t-shirt that has the superman “S” logo underneath is needed. One could add suspenders and wear some thick black glasses too. Be sure to leave the shirt half unbuttoned to reveal the super shirt underneath.

“50 Shades of Grey”: Literally 50 shades. For this costume, make a trip to the hardware store and get a ton of paint strips, all grey of course and attach them to a shirt. With this costume, one can get creative on how they lay the colors out. Someone crafty could even make a tie out of the strips. Add some grey make-up and hair color to perfect the grey scheme.