Jessie J is sweet

“Bang Bang” singer releases outstanding album
By Amanda Kochanowski
Staff Writer
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
British singer, Jessica Cornish a.k.a. Jessie J, and Republic Records released “Sweet Talker” on Oct. 14. This is her third studio album, but only her second released in the United States. J is a mix of R&B and pop, which amounts to a unique sound and catchy lyrics.

Found on Google Image search.
Found on Google Image search.

Fans were patiently waiting for more big sounds after the hit single “Bang Bang,” which is J’s most successful single yet featuring famous female artists Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.
Released July 29, the single quickly became a summer anthem worldwide, reaching No. 5 in the United States and No. 1 in the United Kingdom. The feminine icons work well together despite their different sounds. The single features a light pop sound with high range vocals and a verse rapped by Minaj.
The second single of the album was “Burnin’ Up” and features rapper 2 Chainz. Although it was leaked 24 hours prior to its scheduled release, the song is yet to be a hit. It reached chart levels only in South Korea, and comes in at the bottom at No. 89.
“Burnin’ Up” has a bit of a Latin feel, which is appropriate considering its title. It is a sexy, upbeat song that manages to stay light at some points. The beat is marked by clapping in the background, suiting the overall sound.
The singles aren’t the only songs with celebrity collaborators. Additional tracks “Seal Me With a Kiss” features De La Soul and “Loud” features Lindsey Sterling.
While J is known for her feel-good fast tempo songs such as “Price Tag” and “Domino,” she digs deeper on her newest album. Slow emotional songs, such as title track “Sweet Talker,” “Fire” and “Personal” give the artist a chance to show off a different side.
While most pop music seems to blend together these days, J‘s unique touch of R&B style attracts listeners and mostly stays true to the genre’s sound. The songs on this album are memorable and wonderful.
J recently told “Seventeen Magazine” about how this album differs from her previous releases, saying “For me, it’s about where I am in my life… I went through the worst breakup of my life, and I’ve really had to learn to love myself again. I think it made this album the most relatable one yet.”
“Sweet Talker” is available in stores and on iTunes now. A deluxe version can be purchased on iTunes, and features three additional songs “Your Loss I’m Found,” “Strip” and “You Don’t Really Know Me.”