Ice-cold comics

So long fall, hello winter action

By Colin Hickson
Staff Writer

As the cold, white blanket of annoyance and inconvenience slowly begins to form, here are some reading recommendations to take one’s mind off the cooler weather.

Image from Google Image search.
Image from Google Image search.

“The Batman Adventures” reprint
The first ten issues of the tie-in to “Batman: The Animated Series” are reprinted in this re-release/expansion of the original trade. Relive the action as Batman clashes with foes such as the Joker, Killer Croc, the Penguin and the Scarecrow in the stories with art that looks like it came straight from the show. The comic is written by Ty Templeton, Martin Pasko and Kelley Puckett, with art done by the late Mike Parobeck. It will be on sale Nov. 5.

“Sub-Mariner and the Original Human Torch”
Written by Roy Thomas and Dann Thomas and illustrated by Rich Buckler, this comic depicts, 75 years ago, a mechanical man with power over fire was created and went from public menace to hero. Meanwhile the half-human prince of Atlantis declared war on the surface world, not knowing that soon he would soon ally himself with humanity. Now, all twelve issues of the “Saga of the Sub-Mariner” and all four issues of “Saga of the Original Human Torch” have been collected in this new trade. The comic is written by famed “Avengers” and “Justice Society” scribe Roy Thomas, and his wife, Dann, with art by Rich Buckler, of “The Mighty Crusaders” “Fantastic Four,” “Deathlok” and “World’s Finest fame.” This trade is welcome to any Marvel fan’s collection and was released Oct. 7.

“My Little Pony: Friends Forever” # 11
Wonderbolts captain, Spitfire, invites Rainbow Dash, “the fastest, most awesome pegasus in all of Equestria,” to attend a special training camp where Rainbow Dash learns a secret regarding the famed Wonderbolt. Find out if Rainbow Dash can help Spitfire in this comic written by Ted Andersen with art by Jay Fosgitt. The comic will be on sale November 2014.

“Creepy” # 18
Happy 50th anniversary, Uncle Creepy. As per any issue of the finest in illustrated horror, various writers and artists bring thei r talents to the magazine as the famed horror host celebrates the big five-oh! Various writers and illustrators do the story plot and art. Check out the work that was released on Oct. 8.