Let it grow

No-Shave November is a unique way to get scruffy for a cause

By Nick Misiak, Sports Editor
By Nick Misiak, Sports Editor [email protected]

No-Shave November, otherwise known as “Movember,” is a pledge by men to not shave their facial hair for the entire month. The idea was originally used for fun, as a way for men to show their true beard-growing skills, but Rebecca Hill and Bret Ringdahl saw an opportunity to use the tradition as a way to promote cancer awareness after Hill’s father passed of cancer in 2007. In the last few years several sporting leagues, such as the NHL, have partaken in this tradition and used the publicity from their athlete’s untrimmed beards to promote men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

The American Cancer Society now sponsors No-Shave November as a way to literally grow awareness by having participants grow out their hair for a month and donate the money that is normally used on shaving and grooming services to the society.

The money donated is used to educate men about cancer prevention and to provide services for those who are currently fighting cancer and to save lives.

Growing a beard can be exciting, and there are several different styles of facial hair that one can experiment with by participating in this month-long event. This gives one an excuse to try and show off a handlebar moustache for a few days or possibly the rare fu-man-chu look for guys looking to get a little creative.

If able to grow facial hair, I urge you to throw away your razor this month, grow out your beard, donate and be creative with it. Not only will you have a luscious mane of hair on your chin by the end of the month, but you will also be supporting a good cause and helping individuals who are fighting against some of the most deadly diseases in the world.

When the day comes that I can finally grow my own facial hair, I will be partaking in this challenge as well. For more information regarding the No- Shave November campaign, go to http://www.no-shave.org/.