True hate

Points of view differ in the United States

By Casey Samyn, Campus Life Editor
By Casey Samyn, Campus Life Editor [email protected]

I, like everyone else, have opinions and believe people should be allowed to voice their beliefs without others scorning them for having opposing ideas, which seems to be increasingly difficult in present day America. People need to agree to disagree in order to maintain the peace and eliminate the growing hatred between various groups of people with opposing views.

Take Christians and atheists for an example of hate. Many atheists give Christians a bad reputation for forcing their beliefs down other’s throats, but numerous Christians feel the same way towards atheists. Friendships and families can be ruined if one is a Christian and the other is an atheist. A good majority of people I talked to in high school were atheists, and they assumed I was too because I fought with myself for a long time over religion. They made me scared to tell them I wasn’t an atheist because of the amount of hate they spat towards all religious beliefs.

The reason such hate exists is everyone’s fault; everyone participates and everyone wants to fight for what they think is right. Think of two groups of people who have opposing views, such as political parties. Democrats roll their eyes about conservative views and scorn opposing republicans in the media and in person, and republicans do the same thing to democrats. Both group participate in the hate; therefore, it is both groups’ faults. Unfortunately, hour-long debates take place between friends regarding politics and new friendships are barred from existing because of the hate for conflicting ideas.

Men and women express hatred for each other in other ways that neither gender deserves. Take the hate that men get from feminists. Today, the definition of feminist is quite warped. What originally was an advocate for equal rights amongst men and women has turned sour in many aspects from social media wars to protesting in public places. Some identifying as feminists incorrectly research their views and end up misguiding others into a further disarray of feminist beliefs. These self-proclaimed feminists reject the fact that there are men out there who do not view women as objects, but as equals. Of course, there are men who are the opposite, but often times, women wearing revealing clothing get mad at men for staring at their breasts and assume the men don’t respect them. If a woman literally puts her body assets out there, she cannot expect people to not look. Children will, men will and sometimes even other women will. It is not wrong of them, it just human nature.

Take a look at the hate that breeds between black and white people, gays and straights and fat and skinny people. The hate goes both ways between the groups. Those are bigger issues though, and hate also exists at lower levels with music, movies and books, starting at a young age between schoolchildren. There are different genres because people have different interests—that is okay.

No one should feel that they have to fight for stating their opinion. The United States was founded as a free country when our ancestors flocked to the New World for religious and political freedom. They fought wars for independence from the British monarchy. If attitudes don’t change, there will be another war, a war where one of these firm beliefs become a new monarchy.