Smoking and choking

Cigarettes are the devil in disguise

By Elaine Gerou, Managing Editor.
By Elaine Gerou, Managing Editor.

It seems that nearly every building on Schoolcraft’s campus has a cloud of smoke about 10 feet in front of it that nonsmokers must unpleasantly trudge through in order to get to class.

Smoking cigarettes gives one a great essence in their hair, on their skin and scent embedded in all of their clothing. The best part is that the smokers are immune to the smell. They cannot smell it him or herself because smoking reduces the ability to smell effectively. Cigarettes also give one a nice pair of black, tar-filled lungs if the smoker feeds their habit for long and often enough.

It also gives the smoker a sexy aged look, giving pre-mature wrinkles to show the smoker has wisdom. A smoker’s gums turn a nice dark pink color and are a little puffy allowing them to bleed when flossing or brushing teeth, and if the smoker is persistent and lucky, they can grow hair on their tongue to keep it warm. Puffing on cigarettes can also reduce the chance of pregnancy because it reduces sperm count and fertility. Smokers should be careful if they contribute to or get pregnant by a smoker though because smoking can cause sperm to be deformed and genetically damaged.

Smokers also need money to fund their habit. The average price of a cigarette pack is over $5.50 in the United States. That doesn’t seem like much, but when someone smokes even just one pack a week it equates to over $285 a year, which could be spent on a relaxing weekend, a new phone, etc. It’s funny that many smokers complain about their financial situation when they could easily save a couple extra bucks by ending their habit.

Telling someone you smoke cigarettes tells them you have no idea what you are doing with your life. Telling someone that says, “I do not value my health, and I like throwing away money.” If someone is addicted, it says, “I have no self-control.”

Smoking has been proven to be bad for one’s health, having children and can give a wallet a nice beating making the desire to smoke (or not quit) have absolutely no sense. If one chooses to smoke, they should first know all of the possible effects and risks and know that their decision to inhale over 7,000 chemicals regularly is incredibly stupid.