Small Band, Big Sound

Moon Taxi rocks Grand Rapids and Detroit
By Amanda Kochanowski
Staff Writer
4 out of 5 Stars
Nashville based rock band Moon Taxi played at The Stache in Grand Rapids on Oct. 18. The following night, they held a show at The Shelter in Detroit. The band consists of Trevor Terndrup, Spencer Thomson, Tommy Putnam, Wes Bailey and Tyler Ritter. The band will wrap up their tour on New Year’s Eve in Nashville.
CW1P9077Moon Taxi performed many tracks, including songs from their most recent album “Mountains Beaches Cities” released in September 2013. The record is Moon Taxi’s fourth and features 10 tracks. It was released under 12th South Records.
“Morocco” is one of the popular tunes from the album that the band performed at The Stache and The Shelter. The song has a strong indie vibe, sounding a bit like The Kooks. The story is about escaping the pain of everyday life and finding love, with lyrics saying, “Running in circles I was loosing my mind, when you found me and led me to the water just in time”
Another fan favorite is “Running Wild.” The track features interesting instrumentals and high-pitched vocals. The song is mid-tempo, great tune. Lyrics say, “Stars are coming down, running through the town, falling one by one, so we start to run,” telling a story of adventure.
Two bonus tracks are included in the iTunes digital download of the album are “My Own Mistakes” and “Silent Underground.” The first is a slower track with emotional lyrics. The second “Silent Underground” has a sound very similar to popular band Kings of Leon, with an electric feel and a nice beat.
Overall, “Mountains Beaches Cities” is a fantastic album. One thing Moon Taxi could improve on is having a bit more variety in their tracks. It seems they have found their signature sound and are sticking to it. Luckily for them, it’s working.
“Mountains Beaches Cities” is available for purchase on iTunes. To find out more about the band, visit their official website