Expresso to go

Schoolcraft rides to victory in Fall Frenzy

By Joe Zylka and Rebecca Breazeale
News Editor and Staff Writer

The roads may be digital, but the sweat is real. This October marked the start of the second annual Fall Frenzy tournament, a nationwide contest sponsored by the Expresso stationary bike company pitting 124 colleges and universities with Expresso bikes against each other. Expresso bikes are made by Interactive Fitness and incorporate the thrill of video games with the intense workout of biking. Schoolcraft College had the privilege of being one of the 124 teams competing this year for the chance to win the Golden Spokes trophy.

Photo by Nathan Gartner.
Photo by Nathan Gartner.

Each round of the tournament lasted 48 hours, and each time, bikers had to ride as many miles as they could to pedal their way onto the next round. The tournament lasted five weeks, and each week, the Schoolcraft fitness center gathered students, staff and community members to accumulate miles and progress through each stage of the tournament. Over the course of those five weeks, the Schoolcraft team had a total of 185 riders who collectively rode 11,522 miles, the distance of the east coast to the west of the United States and back twice.

“The college wants the students to have great experiences here on campus, and one of the ways you can do that is by participating in events like this,” said Glenn Cerny, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Schoolcraft. “Having a facility like we do here is one of the amenities that we feel is very important. It’s not just about academics; we want to let the students know that there are opportunities awaiting them outside the classroom as well, and one of those opportunities is the fitness center.”

The Schoolcraft team had an easy time overcoming the first two rounds of the competition, winning by several hundred miles both weeks.

Photo by Nathan Gartner.
Photo by Nathan Gartner.

Unfortunately, Schoolcraft’s fitness center closes at 9 p.m. and reopens at 5:30 a.m. With the limited hours of availability, participants had a hard time keeping up with Houghton College during week three. Despite this obstacle, Schoolcraft managed to win, pulling ahead of Houghton by over 300 miles. The fitness center decided this limited time frame would prove to set them back in further rounds and opened the fitness center for the full 48 hours during the competition.

This was especially useful during the fourth round against Louisiana State University and the championship round against Gannon University, which had the same normal business hours as Schoolcraft, giving riders an edge. At the end of the first day of the championship round, Schoolcraft only had a 56-mile lead with 2,481 miles and Gannon 2,425. Over the last 24 hours, dozens of riders banded together and rode hard to the finish.