Give time

The gift of one’s time out-weighs a material present

By Elaine Gerou, Managing Editor.
By Elaine Gerou, Managing Editor.

Time may be the most appreciated aspect to a person because it never seems like there is enough to go around. Time is precious; it is here and gone in an instant and is never able to be brought back. During the holiday season, the gift of time is the most valuable present one can give or receive and should be given rather than material presents wrapped in gorgeous papers and bows.

While it is thought to be nice to take the time at the store to pick out a present one thinks their friend or family member would like, it is usually a complete guessing game unless the person being shopped for told the gift-giver exactly what they want. It is also almost impossible for a shopper to not buy something they like, rather than a gift the receiver would actually appreciate. So when giving the gift, it is often disappointing to both the buyer and receiver because the receiver did not like it as much as the buyer was hoping. Unfortunately, the receiver knows their present was a disappointment, but feels they need to keep it to collect dust in their house to avoid hurting feelings.

People who celebrate holidays, particularly Christmas, need to stop focusing on gift exchanges. Society today is full of unneeded material objects. Most people in the United States have so many inanimate objects; they do not know what to do with them. Buying a person a present is really just adding to the cluttered pile of items that should be donated or recycled.

People also more often than not forget what gifts they receive during the holidays. Can you remember every single gift you got last year off the top of your head? Me neither.

What people do remember and cherish for years to come are the memories they make with friends and family. Nothing beats a good story that spreads smiles and laughter to others.

This holiday season, instead of buying friends, family and others presents and possibly wasting money because they will not like or use the gift they receive, give them the gift of your time. This will show them you truly love and care about them because time is something one cannot get back.

Money can be earned back through working, but time is lost forever, and giving someone a small chunk of your life is truly the best and most meaningful gift of all. Going to dinner, ice-skating, a movie, a coffee date, a holiday get together or something more creative are perfect ways to implement giving the gift of time this season. Happy holidays!