Campus Crime

Compiled by Anthony Plescia
Staff Writer
In case of emergency, contact the campus police authority at 734-462-4424.

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Stolen cell phone
On Oct. 15, a student was using computer #1 in the library from 5 to 7:30 p.m. She claimed she had her cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with her the whole time sitting on the desk top while on the computer. During her computer time, she left her station to go to the bathroom, which was the only time she left the computer, but did not realize her phone was missing until she got home. Campus Police Authority (CPA) reviewed the security video, but did not see any signs of the phone being stolen, as the litigant was outside the view of the camera. Therefore, there are no leads to who the perpetrator was.
Stolen tablet
A student reported she left her Samsung Galazy Note 3 tablet in a cubby shelf in the VistaTech center in late October. The next day, she noticed her tablet was missing. She checked the culinary office and the found property file, but was unable to find the item. Additionally, when the student asked other students if they had seen the tablet,no one reported seeing it. Since there are no cameras in the VistaTech center and it is unknown what day the theft took place, there are no additional investigative leads.
Stolen textbook
On Nov. 11, a biology student noticed her rented textbook was missing as she was leaving class. The student informed her instructor, and the instructor asked other students if they knew anything about the book, but no one had any information.
When the complainant asked a neighboring student in her next class if he knew anything about the missing textbook, he became uneasy and left class early. When the CPA officer talked to the complainant by phone, the complainant told the officer she thought she knew the name of the student who was uneasy toward her but did not want to say he could possibly be responsible for the theft. As of Dec. 1, the case has been closed.