Appreciate the classics

Symphony music helps everyone

Elaine Gerou managing editor
Elaine Gerou
managing editor
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Many think of classical music as “boring,” because it usually has no singing, is not extremely upbeat or catchy and is a bit too complex for most to enjoy regularly. This genre should be greatly appreciated though, especially by younger generations, because classical symphony music is the basic building block of all genres of music.
Almost everyone watches movies, and regardless of how often, viewers usually listen to classical music that is used as background music. Viewers are not usually conscious of the background music in movies, but many times, the harmonies and melodies setting the scene make all the difference in a film. Background music helps build suspense, horror, passion, etc., and it also assists in stimulating those emotions within the viewing audience.
In many films, there is a reoccurring “musical phrase,” or leitmotif, which listeners come to know and expect a certain kind of action or feeling from. For example, “The Lord of the Rings” movie series uses several leitmotifs. One of them is that of the Shire. When the peaceful tune plays, the viewer can expect a scene of happiness to play, and they will feel at ease, but when the leitmotif of Mordor plays, the viewer will feel anxious as suspense builds, and they can expect something ominous to occur.
Classical symphony music has the capability to capture all emotions through the power of wordless music, and not many genres can do that. Most genres tell a story through the words sung by singers, but a symphony can tell a deep story through the combination of woodwind, brass, percussion and string instruments, and everyone should value that impressive form of art.
Classical symphony music is the basic building block for all musical genres. Without classical symphony music, hip-hop, pop, jazz, country, funk, rock n’ roll and all other musical genres would not exist.
Most people would not be able to listen to their favorite jams or have diversity in their taste in music without the artists classical foundation. Without the birth of classical music in the 1700s, people would have to listen to much simpler sounds, and life would probably be more boring.
Classical symphony music is a beautiful, complex art complied by many talented musicians of all ages and races who come together to create sounds that evoke strong emotions and memories in people. Whether one listens to classical music regularly or only in movies, they should appreciate it for its involvement in the film business and modern music industry.