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Elaine Gerou  managing editor
Elaine Gerou
Managing Editor
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Drunk driving causes death, debt and destruction
Although there has been progress in reducing the number of drivers under the influence in the U.S., there are many people in our country who still make the poor decision to drive while under the influence of alcohol. People aged 21 to 25 are at the highest rate of drunk driving at 23.4 percent. It is our generation that needs to break the trend and live more safely and responsibly.
Well, one could say that it is no fun, and I agree; it sucks always having to be the designated driver because your friends don’t want to sacrifice fun for the safety of their lives, but someone needs to make the sacrifice to ensure their friends’ health.
According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), someone is injured in a drunk driving crash every two minutes and Drunk Driving kills 28 Americans every day. If these statistics aren’t enough incentive to quit foolish habits, maybe money is.
If one is caught while driving drunk in Michigan by the po-po, it costs the driver initially anywhere from $100 to $500, without the extra expenses of probation, court fees, gas, drug/alcohol tests, and required treatment. Up to a six-month license suspension is also a possibility and would cause the driver to bum rides off of others. Many bummed rides cost the driver gas money, and nobody likes bums.
For a first offense, up to a 93-day jail sentence is also a possible consequence, which would most likely lose one their job; therefore, their money. Drunk drivers usually prefer to pay for a lawyer as well, which can cost a small fortune, and of course the consequences only increase for multiple offenses.
Drunk driving also affects taxpayers, as the misbehavior costs the United States $199 billion a year, according to MADD, which equates to $800 for every adult in the United States. This should be incentive for taxpayers to report drunk drivers.
While all the possible consequences of drunk driving listed are not pleasurable, the worst possible consequence would be to take one’s life. The stupidity of one’s decision has the possibility of taking someone from their friends and family for an eternity, which is nearly unforgivable and causes a negative ripple effect that can last a lifetime for those effected by the loss.
Unfortunately, MADD says about 300,000 people drive drunk every day in the United States, but fewer than 4,000 are caught and arrested. When will this mindless behavior end? The answer is never, if people do not change their attitudes. Responsibility and courtesy to everyone’s health and safety