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Online dating may be useful, but not always safe
With the boom of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, society has created a completely different world of communication, and as a result, online dating is becoming the new norm for people. Whether one is looking for a “perfect match” through a program like e-Harmony or just scrolling through Tinder, online dating is completely changing the way people conduct relationships.
Despite the convenience online dating provides, it takes out many personal aspects of dating. Instead of going up to someone in person and asking them out to dinner, online dating encourages a faceless invitation, allowing people to hide behind their computers. The anonymity provided also allows people to stretch the truth about themselves, sometimes lying about jobs, family or even physical appearance, which is deceiving to those interested in them.
Beyond the degradation of personal communication, online dating can also be dangerous. While some people on the sites have innocent intentions, there are numerous with ulterior motives. Many people take advantage of those looking for love through online dating websites and chat rooms, robbing or scamming them when they finally meet. If the dating site does not conduct a background check on members, sexual predators and criminals can openly join. These people can even find a way around background checks by creating fake profiles.
Another detriment of online dating is the encouragement of “shopping around.” Many people participate in online dating with the idea that there is always another option, with literally thousands of possibilities through sites. With this mentality, people are less likely to stick around for long lasting relationships or to work through issues. Online dating takes out a lot of the effort required to make real relationships work.
Online dating is not a sufficient substitute to traditional dating. While there are people that find long lasting and fulfilling relationships through online dating, it is important to recognize the possible risks. With unsecure websites, it is imperative to look at the possibilities of running into criminals. As with any communication with strangers online, it’s important to tread carefully. The best way to approach dating is to meet people face to face. While the United States lives in a digital age, personal communication should not be lost, as it helps people make connections that cannot be recognized through online sites. Asking people out in person shows other unwritten personality characteristics and lets one see if they mesh with someone before going on an unsuccessful