Excessive money does not need to be spent on a Valentine’s Day outfit. These items may be in your closet already and just need to be paired up. 
Ladies FashionFor the ladies, a dress is perfect for a date. Since it is Valentine’s Day, a red color would be fitting. It can be a skater dress that is fitted at the top and flares out on the bottom or a bodycon dress that is tight fitting throughout. Keep in mind that the dress can be a color other than red. One could wear a pale pink or even white; if it has lace, even better.
Since February tends to be cold, a pair of tights could be ideal. If one is wearing a skater dress, black tights look great paired up with it, and if one is wearing tights, it looks more polished with flats. If the tights are skipped, wedges or heels are okay. Layer a cardigan over the dress, and top it with a thin belt to go over one’s mid section.
Mens FashionTo accessorize, a small, dainty charm necklace would look precise. A couple examples are a small heart locket or an arrow charm, which is not too flashy or heavy and will give one a more delicate and girly style.
Do not forget about the purse. A small clutch would be convenient, as it can either be a crossbody or a handbag. It should be small, making it very chic and will go great with the Valentine’s Day outfit chosen.
For guys, a practical, stylish outfit would be a button up shirt with khakis or chino pants. Underneath the button up, one could wear a plain t-shirt or V-neck. With this outfit, guys should wear oxford style shoes because they look dressy without overdoing it. To accessorize this casual outfit, wear a nice watch and a beanie if preferred. Also, adding a belt will give this outfit a polished and put together look.
One should keep in mind that with these items they are just suggestions and can easily be replaced for something that is more suitable to fit any style. Along to accommodate to ones wardrobe selection, it might be easier to just purchase a few items and pair it up with items already owned. Now one can decide on what to wear for a date at ease while maintaining a budget.