A moment to celebrate

Unveiling Justice League through the years
By Colin Hickson
Staff Writer
BN-CL822_justic_G_20140421184947The Justice League, DC’s premiere Silver Age superhero group, celebrates their 55th anniversary of their first appearance from 1960 debut of “The Brave and the Bold” # 28. Throughout the years Justice League has had rather odd events happen that some fans may not be aware of. As a continuation to the print edition, here are some interesting Justice League facts.
(Continued from February 9, 2015 Issue #8 page 18)
5. Several members of the “Teen Titans” have been Justice League members. The “Teen Titans,” like the Justice League, have had a massive number of members over the years. The most notable members to do so are the Wally West Flash, who was a founding member of the “Teen Titans” as Kid Flash and Cyborg, but others include Nightwing, the Tim Drake Robin, Arsenal, Jesse Quick and Starfire.
6. A victim of bad continuity flubs, Hawkman has been plagued by this since the end of “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Hawkman has a weird continuity. The Silver Age Hawkman Katar Hol’s, origin was retold in the “Hawkworld” miniseries, which was supposed to be set in the past. Unfortunately, editorial incompetence made the writer of the series retcon it so that “Hawkworld” took place in modern times, which caused several continuity errors.
7. The first appearance of the Red Tornado does not feature the Justice League. An android with wind based powers, the Red Tornado has been a long time member of the Justice League, with his character arc focusing on his becoming more man than machine. But oddly enough, Reddy’s first appearance does not have the team.
8. The Joker is responsible for the JLA switching headquarters. In one of the team’s darkest moments, their honorary member, teenager Snapper Carr, is manipulated by “the most normal man in America,” John Dough, into revealing the secret headquarters of the Justice League, and starts a smear campaign against the team. Luckily, Batman deduces who Dough really is, and puts a stop to the Joker’s plan. But the whole incident caused the team to relocate their next headquarters to space, which has been the base for them for several incarnations.
9. There was a planned Justice League and Avengers crossover in the 1980s. In 2003, then current “Avengers” creative team Kurt Busiek and George Perez launched a crossover miniseries putting the Justice League against the Avengers. But in 1979, DC and Marvel were already planning a crossover between the two. Plotted by Gerry Conway, scripted by Roy Thomas, and penciled by Perez, the book was almost completed before editorial problems caused it to be cancelled mid-1983. Had the comic seen publication, it would have seen the two teams fighting their old enemies the Lord of Time and Kang the Conqueror, both time travel based villains.
10. The Justice League has had more revisions to their origin than any other superhero team. When the Justice League first appeared in “the Brave and the Bold,” they had no origin story until the ninth issue of their series. At least until writer Steve Englehart pointed out some continuity errors in that story, and had Green Arrow learn the true origin of the team.
Since then, the Justice League has undergone several rewrites of their origin, like replacing Wonder Woman with Black Canary, or revealing the “lost founding member,” Triumph, whose existence was erased when he entered the time stream.