Traveling forward

Comedy stars stumble towards the future in Hot Tub Time Machine sequel
By Caitlin LeRoux
Online Editor

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The crazy antics of everyone’s favorite time travelers are back in the sequel to 2010’s sleeper hit “Hot Tub Time Machine.” In the sequel aptly titled “Hot Tub Time Machine 2,” friends Nick and Jacob are forced to travel back into time in order to save Lou, played by Rob Corddry, from suffering fatal consequences after he uses the knowledge he gained from time traveling to become a technology genius, only to accidentally end up traveling into the future.
The sequel features the entire original cast except for John Cusack who portrayed the lead character, Adam Yates, in the last film. Cusack’s character will be replaced by “Parks and Recreation” Adam Scott who will portray Adam Yates Junior, his son.
In a phone conference with the cast that took place at the end of January, on the topic of the new role, Scott said “Adam’s character in the first movie has sort of a thirst for knowledge and I think that Adam Junior is looking for his dad, whom he’s never actually met and they [Adam Yates and Adam Yates Junior] have similar sort of adventures.”
The film also promises plenty of improved comedic moments, even more so than the first.
Craig Robinson stated that the director allowed them to play around a lot and encouraged all of the jokes. “So the first Hot Tub there was barely a script, it was like we would come and we would say, ‘Okay, we’re doing the scene in the ski lodge’ and then we kind of improvised it. I mean there was a script but we really did a lot of heavy improv. This one was a little more solid, except we got to play around a lot.”
The cast felt many similarities with getting to work together again noticing only one difference― the location.
“It was the exact same which was really comforting and fun and made it an easy work environment,” said one cast member. “The first time was in Vancouver and it was cold. This was New Orleans, the height of the summer. And so you know alcohol and heat.”
With the coming of a sequel for the funny friends, questions have already arisen about whether or not the characters will see a third film.
“If you’re asking will we come back together and work together, you’re damn right,” said Robinson.
The excitement surrounding the film was enhanced when a teaser trailer was aired for the upcoming release in honor of the Super Bowl, mocking the incident involving the allegations against the New England Patriots using under inflated footballs deemed “Deflategate.”
The movie is set to be another success for the group and a fun-filled ride for audiences. To catch more of the futuristic adventures of the magical hot tub and the gang, go see “Hot Tub Time Machine 2,” hitting theaters Feb. 20, Rated R.