Relax and be safe

Spring break is a time to celebrate, not exceed boundaries
The break about halfway into winter semester can be a time of great adventure for younger college students, but if the right precautions are not taken, it can spiral into a week that defines the rest of one’s life. One bad decision, such as having unprotected sex, driving under the influence or exploring alone, can make an average college student turn into a parent or get arrested. Whether going to a tropical place, hitting out-of-state or nearby slopes, visiting family or staying home, being responsible and making smart decisions are vital, especially if one participates in activities that impair one’s thoughts and actions. Students should enjoy their vacation in whatever way they choose with family or friends while knowing their surroundings, being cautious of whom they associate themselves with and think twice when around alcohol and/or drugs.

PHOTO FROM INSTRUCTABLES.COM Spring break is a time to kick back, relax and adventure, but those traveling, especially younger students, should take safety precautions.
Spring break is a time to kick back, relax and adventure, but those traveling, especially younger students, should take safety precautions.

When on spring break, students should be aware of the environment they stay in, whether it is in the U.S. or countries abroad. If staying at a resort out of the country, stay inside the resort, unless traveling in larger groups for safety. There are many dangers that exist outside of some resorts, such as in Central America, where American college students are targeted by criminal organizations for ransom.
Even if staying within the U.S. or another notoriously safe country, be aware that Americans have a target on their backs across the world and need to keep an eye out for potential dangers.
When on spring break, it is imperative to know the laws of the country traveling to. One can get into major trouble on accident just by not knowing the rules of a different state or a foreign country. For example, every travel destination has different regulations for drugs, public intoxication and drunk driving. Most importantly, use common sense and be cautious.
If planning to be out after dark, take precautionary measures. Friends always should stay in groups of two or more and watch their surroundings. If plans include going to unfamiliar territory, make sure to get familiar with the area before roaming.
When walking about, do not trust strangers. Never take a pill or drink offered by strangers, unless crystal clear on what it is before consumption. Also, if drugs are planned on being consumed, know the emergency number for the country and the route to the nearest hospital in case of an emergency. Make sure to be responsible, and there should always be at least one sober person with the group.
With a spring break outing, drinking may be involved and with that judgment is impaired. Hooking up with someone that was just met may not seem so bad until the next day when logical thoughts are circulating again. Make sure to not be the friend that everyone needs to take care of, and a noble friend keeps tabs on his or her friends.
Many spend spring break at home, relaxing and occasionally going out with friends. If staying home for break, make the best of the time off by doing activities that there normally is not time for. It is important to remember though, partying or not, violence and crime can happen to anyone at any time. One should remember spring break as a college experience that is talked about for years, not a mistake.