Dating meat market

Elaine Gerou  managing editor
Elaine Gerou
managing editor
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Dating shows are unethical 
Ladies and gentlemen, please plop your behinds down onto the couch to enjoy an entire season of “The Bachelor,” a show where a man chooses his preferred slice of meat by process of elimination. The show provides the bachelor many different options for his cuts. Usually, different races, hair colors, heights and weights are offered to the bachelor, and with such a diverse spectrum, drama and conflict often arises.
To many, such shows are extremely entertaining, watching the bachelor make his “difficult” choice of which pair of boobs and butt cheeks to walk away with after all other girls are eliminated and the season ends. The viewers, typically women, love these dating shows and seem to constantly discuss them with friends, as if the topic is actually an important aspect in life and is not completely ridiculous.
Although many enjoy dating shows like “The Bachelor,” the shows are absolutely sickening. These shows are a way for a single man, who is often tan, in shape and Caucasian, to pretend to be interested in girl’s personalities, taking them on extravagant dates. Most of the time, the man is likely just into their assets and the chance to get physical with multiple women in a short period of time.
Bimbos like to go on the show for their chance at fame and attention, but they only achieve making fools of themselves while competing against each other for a single man, often using the tactic of showing more skin than they should, knowing the whole television watching world is watching. A woman exposing herself to the people participating on the show that she just met and to the cameras literally turns herself into a slice of meat by doing so. Turning one’s self into a piece of meat means that one is tearing off their dignity and throwing it in the trash. Once one does that, many people do not view that person as a person any longer, but more so an object that others can use to their liking. It is appalling that so many women degrade themselves to the level of a cut of meat from the market and cannot see that is what they are doing—or even worse, do not care that is what they are doing.
Of course, women are not the only ones behaving in this manner; men also participate in dating shows, such as “I Love New York,” making just as much of a fool of themselves by looking silly, getting caught up in feelings with a woman who is dating multiple men. Real men do not need compete to “win” a woman; real men know that a woman who enjoys a battle to “win” her is not worth the fight.
Winning a person is an absurd idea. To win something is to own something. People can own cars, clothes, money, etc. Someone cannot own a human being; therefore, one cannot win another person.
People need to keep their dignity and not become contestants on dating shows or support them by watching them weekly, as the shows are unethical and unrealistic in the way they portray finding “true love” to society. The process of elimination is not finding love; it is only an embarrassment to all involved.