Loaning out knowledge

Student success seminar to offer tips for efficient investment of time and money
By Anthony Plescia
Staff Writer
unnamedOn Wednesday, Mar. 18, Schoolcraft Learning Support Services and University Bound will be hosting a seminar named “Four to six years of your life or more, thousands of dollars, much hard work – you don’t want to waste all these resources and effort!” This seminar will be held in in the Liberal Arts Building room 200 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The topic that will be covered is how students can ensure they successfully complete coursework and achieve goals in a timely manner. Faculty, staff and community members are also welcome to attend.
“This is important because college costs and loan debt are increasing and many jobs that are being created will require degrees or some post-secondary training,” said Donna Clack, student coordinator for University Bound.
Clack also had several tips for how to avoid the burden of student loan debt.
First, undergraduates should prepare for the classes they take. They should do this by successfully completing required prerequisites to those courses in the proper order.
Second, excessive work hours must be avoided. If learners have heavy credit hour loads, they need to find the right balance between class time and study time. By doing this, students will have sufficient quality study time set aside to effectively master the concepts outlined in their curriculums.
Third, students should be attending college because they want to, as opposed to attending because others told them to. If students attend college because of a strong internal motivation, they’ll be more determined to cope with stressful situations. On the other hand, if people don’t want to go to college but attend anyway because of external pressure, they will have a harder time dealing with such situations.
Clack’s final tip was to be open to getting help, as learning is a collaborative process.
Scholars need to plan for the future because with no game plan, they may end up with a huge pile of debt, a lot of time wasted, while following a path they originally didn’t intend to follow.
“First, only spend money on essentials,” said James Boyce, tutor and Writing Fellow, when asked what advice he would give to students who want to make the best of the money they are spending on school. He continued, “Second, save as much money as possible. Last, do research to make sure you’re spending money on worthwhile courses and activities.”
By following the tips provided by James Boyce and Donna Clack, most scholars should be able to avoid taking out loans during their college careers. However, if undergraduates have to take out loans for school, they should take out the minimum amount necessary to get by.
When commenting on the appropriate amount of loans students should be taking out, Schoolcraft student Justin Korpal said. “A small sacrifice today will directly improve your future self.”
These suggestions as well as many others will be covered in greater detail during the seminar. “Four to Six Years” is highly recommended to those getting ready for college or transferring to a university. College employees and community members are also welcome to join.
For more information, call the LAC at 734-462-4436 or email them at [email protected]