Not a dumpsite

Students need to stop littering in the Lower Waterman

Elaine Gerou  managing editor
Elaine Gerou
managing editor
[email protected]

As an editor of the Connection, there are many late nights I spend in the Lower Waterman of the VisTaTech building, helping lay out the paper, and it never fails to amaze me how much trash is carelessly left out by many of the irresponsible students who attend club junctions or just hang out to pass time. Of course, some students are courteous and throw out their trash, but others need a wake up call.
Schoolcraft’s Lower Waterman is not a dumpsite, and it does not have a staff of maids to happily clean up students’ messes. It is ridiculous that there are still half eaten meals left on tables to spoil and scattered miscellaneous papers, wrappers and popcorn thrown all over the floor when the building gets locked up for the night. A mess as extravagant as the one left in the Lower Waterman every day could take hours to clean. It is intriguing that students are somehow smart enough to get into college, but do not seem to know how to transport waste to the trash bin.
If you are one of the students who does not clean up their mess in the Lower Waterman, you should be ashamed and even embarrassed to make yourself seem like an unappreciative a-hole. Even preschoolers know how to clean up after themselves, and there are signs everywhere reminding students to use the trash bins, so it is completely disrespectful to contribute to the mess made in the Lower Waterman.
Individuals should want to be the best version of themselves at all times. Someone not cleaning up their own trash reflects poorly upon that person, which can hurt them in some life endeavors.
For example, if a student does not throw out their garbage and is on the hunt for a significant other, nobody is going to want to date them. The correlation between not cleaning up after yourself shows that you are both lazy and messy. I do not know anyone who says, “Hey, I’m looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend who is lazy and messy, because that is super hot!” People want someone in their life who they will not have to clean up after forever or nag to clean up. If the students who do not pick up their trash refuse to change their habits, they will end up marrying someone who is just as untidy as them, and they will live happily ever after in a pigsty.
College students are supposed to be adults, and any mature adult throws their trash away in a receptacle. Students need to stop being lazy, pick up one foot after another and throw their garbage away. The walk from one’s seat to the trash receptacle and back is great exercise, which is terrific because most college students do not get enough exercise for a healthy lifestyle.
People in the Lower Waterman need to clean up after themselves to not only make Schoolcraft a nicer, cleaner place for everyone, but also to represent themselves as decent human beings.