Around the world in five hours

Fourteenth annual Multicultural Fair celebrates another successful year
By Caitlin LeRoux
Online Editor
globe_cOn the morning of March 26 Schoolcraft students, faculty, staff and community members flocked to the DiPonio Room of the VisTaTech Center to grab a chance at a free trip around the globe for the 14th annual Multicultural Fair. Booths lined the room with special treats, information and artifacts from several countries around the world. From Albania to Mexico, students were introduced to a melting pot of cultures, with special performances from Brazil, Armenia and more.
The event began with a performance from the Mariachi Jalisco Band, which proved to be an energetic opener and set the stage for the rest of the afternoon. Schoolcraft student Deni Castro representing Mexico at the fair, acknowledged the joyous sound of the band.
“It’s really fun to get the chance to explore these new cultures and performances,” said Castro. “This is my second year coming to the fair and I continue to love it.”
The fair encouraged exploration of differing cultures, and gave students an opportunity to learn something new in a unique setting. One of the highlights came from the Marcus Garvey Academy African Drum and Dance Ensemble who brought out numerous drummers and dancers that had the audience gleefully clapping along to the beat. However, the show was stolen when three of the group’s youngest drummers came out and proved their drumming skills, delighting on goers. The audience seemed to be captivated with each performance, relishing in the vast array of cultures.
“I love coming to this event each year,” said Schoolcraft student Dafiola Mema. “Getting to see the different dances and outfits is awesome and is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures.”
During the festivities many local eateries also participated in offering refreshments to students, which emphasized different cuisines around the world, including Indian pasta, baklava from the Mediterranean, tea from Japan and caviar from Russia.
The combined spirit of the event was energetic, providing good eats and lots of fun to be had and inspired many students to already want to return for next year.
“This was my first year coming and it was definitely a great experience,” said Schoolcraft student Sarah Kayyaly. “Exploring the entire world from just one room is a unique and amazing experience, and definitely worth coming to again.”
The Multicultural Fair was made possible by a generous grant from the Schoolcraft College Foundation. It was a huge success in celebrating the diversity on Schoolcraft’s campus and in the community.